Freshly Picked: Top 10 Beats of the Month - August
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Freshly Picked: Top 10 Beats of the Month – August

top songs of august

August came and went, but in its wake, we are left with a fistful of bangers and dope tracks to add to your collection. Out of the massive albums, EPs, and releases that surfaced in August, here are our favorites.

10. GRiZ x LSDREAM – Funkonaut

At #10 on our list, we have two of the most well-known icons in the world of “space-bass” – GRiZ and LSDREAM. This is a collaboration that is a long-time coming and one that makes perfect sense when you compare their auras. When two powerhouses combine like this, fans expect a lot. Fortunately, GRiZ and LSDREAM met expectations with 3 and a half minutes of flavored rhythms and galactic wompage.

9. MYHTM – Murda

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, MYTHM is an artist who has grown vibrantly in the realms of dubstep and 140. His recent release on the WE ARE DEADBEATS VOL. 5 compilation captures the essence he grew famous for while incorporating some more mainstream textures that do well in creating a well-rounded single. Look for MYTHM to be rinsing his latest release in addition to an upcoming EP at his Lost Lands performance on September 23rd.

8. Opiuo – Humphrey Dumpling

August was enormous for Opiou. In addition to a legendary performance at Secret Dreams, Opiou came out with a 12-track album (A Shape Of Sound) that expands upon his trademark sound while taking some exploratory steps into some untrodden territory. “Humphrey Dumpling” is my favorite song out of the bunch because of the buoyant bass line being employed and the broken beat nature of the track as a whole. Although a lot of Opiuo’s tracks have a tendency to sound similar, this one stands apart.

7. Lane 8 – Grapevine ft. Elderbrook

Lane 8 never fails to tug on our heartstrings with his eclectic taste and vocal accompaniments. The label owner of This Never Happened has professed that he will never stop experimenting in the ways in which he manufactures house music and this release is no different. Kick back and become entangled in the “Grapevine” that these two musicians procure in six minutes of bliss.

6. Shades – Purification

Hopefully, that Lane 8 track cast some light on your speakers because Shades is about to make things dark. August saw the UK-bred duo release their second full-length album, From a Vein, which further solidifies their reputation for producing dystopic sonic narratives and ominous soundscapes. 

“Purification” stands out on the 14-song journey because of the way it pairs D&B signatures with purposeful, resolute distortions that remain genreless. While they’re hard to distinguish, the contributions from The Gaslamp Killer on this track certainly offer some weight to the web being spun.

5. Seppa – Like That

Delving a bit deeper into the roots of UK underground bass we have Seppa with a brilliantly composed track, “Like That.” As a heavy-hitter on the Bristol-based Slug Wife collective, Seppa has been successful in combining influences from label-mates while construing his own perspective on bass music in 2022. His recent release offers surprises around every corner with flavored drops and cataclysmic melodies that will baffle even the most tenured listeners.

4. Smoakland – Rise Up

2022 has seen Smoakland drop two mixes (Liquid Smoak and Speakerbox Thuggin V), two remixes, a collab with Wolf-e-Wolf , a collab EP with SuperAve., an EP of their own, and a release on WE ARE DEADBEATS VOL. 5 – the latter of which lands at #4 on our list. “Rise Up” encapsulates everything we love about Smoakland – rowdy basslines, seamless vocal sampling, and unexpected drops. With performances at Electric Forest, Sound Haven (2x), and Big Dub, just to name a few, Smoakland are cementing their legacy both in the studio and on the stage.

3. GLXY – New Day

As the the only drum & bass song on our list, “New Day” by London-based duo GLXY shines bright with bold snares and fluorescent synthesizers. The track seems to inspire hope, becoming quite ethereal at the 2:34 mark before dropping back into its entrancing patterns and swirling melodies. It’s a song that might make you want to shut your eyes and nod your head while also being quite goosebump inducing. D&B that is both calming and energizing might not be typical but it feels pretty damn good to listen to.

2. Abelation x Saka – Elite

As our third track on the list from the WE ARE DEADBEATS VOL. 5 compilation, this single by Abelation and Saka is a statement of how far these two musicians have come. Opening the song with sword fighting noises and descending into some dark, deep, crunchy bass, the track is a journey from start to finish. Although it might be because I’ve been playing the SHADES album on repeat, “Elite” seems to employ some of the same sonic elements that the UK-based duo are known for. Specifically when it comes to the haunting, ominous bassline being stretched and hammered during the second drop.

1. Mickman – Controlled

At long last, Mickman has released new music. Staying busy with performances filled with IDs and unreleased originals that left crowds salivating, Mickman had fans lying in anticipating for an official release of some of his jaw-dropping bass compositions. Finally, cravings were met with a 10-track album (Reclaimed) that is oozing with quality. 

Although the album contains beautiful downtempo and ambient tracks, it’s the uptempo at the end of the collection that takes center stage. “Controlled” is the final song of the album and one that left me checking my pulse. The track begins with some chords being lackadaisically plucked, creating this very unassuming environment, only to have it quickly flipped on its head with a bassline that cuts and tears through your speakers. 

Mickman has the ability to animate music in a way that makes it seem alive, as if it is some sort of beast trying to communicate a message, especially in “Controlled,” and it’s for this reason why the track is my #1 release from August 2022.

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