Lane 8 & OTR Take Us Over the Moon in Euphoric New Release 'Shatter' [Listen]
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Lane 8 & OTR Take Us Over the Moon in Euphoric New Release ‘Shatter’ [Listen]

The collaboration we never knew we needed: Lane 8 and OTR. Lane 8 continues to establish himself in the melodic house genre with amazing release after amazing release, creating music that truly gives you all the feels. OTR’s similar exploration into the melodic indie-electronic-pop vibes were solidified even further earlier this year with the release of his debut album, Lost at Midnight.

Now, the two have joined forces to create something beautiful. “Shatter” begins with a soft piano melody and Lane 8’s signature synths that you will definitely recognize. The track continues into a progressive build-up and a pulsingly euphoric drop mid-track, but is short-lived for a Lane 8 track, coming in at just under 3 minutes.

Give “Shatter” a listen below:

Don’t stop at this track. Check out some of our faves from both artists below:

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