LSDream Reaches New Heights on 'Spaceship' [Wakaan Weekly]

LSDream Reaches New Heights on 'Spaceship' [Wakaan Weekly]

LSDream shows no sign of ever coming back down to Earth and we couldn’t be happier. 

He was our personal favorite opening set at Bassnectar’s Be Interactive event in Nashville last month, and our most surprising set of BUKU’s Wakaan takeover earlier this year. 

Knockout features on BBC Radio 1’s “Annie Nightingale presents…” and Shambhala Festival’s 2019 Mix Series have shattered any preconceived notions you had of the artist formerly known as Brillz.

But, that consistency is punctuated with songs that are so melodic and booming my downstairs neighbors have hit the ceiling with brooms, as was the case with today’s “Spaceship” featuring Meredith Bull, out today on Wakaan.

Give “Spaceship” a listen below:

Serving as a kind of sister song to last year’s single “AWAKE.EXE,” “Spaceship” pulls back on the intensity and favors a sprawling zero-gravity deep drift. Thundering Hans Zimmer-style foghorns remind you how far off-course this ship has veered. The effect is glacial, menacing, and weirdly emotional.

Meredith Bull adds a crystalline texture to the comet course, beckoning passengers to the titular ship with her reverb-laden charm. Her voice is front and center in the song’s lonely vacuum of sound, yet she sounds almost trapped under ice, which gives the song a wonderful sense of yearning, isolation and wanderlust.

Sentimentality is pretty rare within Wakaan’s cast of mind-bending tunesmiths. Naturally then, LSDream is unconventional among the unconventional.

LSDream said this of the meaning behind “Spaceship”:

“This tune is dedicated to anyone who ever felt alone, isolated, different, but then found their tribe in our community of the weirdest and most beautiful people. I’m inspired by this deeper emotional heartbeat within the bass music scene and I’m grateful there’s a platform for a song like this. Music is a very healing experience for me, especially when it taps into my pain, but also makes me feel free and happy at the same time. “Spaceship” was created from this place and I hope it resonates with my other alien friends out there.”


Color us excited for this daring, emotional resonant tune during LSDream’s set at Wakaan Music Festival in October.

Featured image via Tessa Paisan. 

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