Lost Lands Suffers from Weather-Related Woes: Muddy Grounds + 5-Hour Waits

Lost Lands Suffers from Weather-Related Woes: Muddy Grounds + 5-Hour Waits

Mother Nature does not have music festivals on the books in 2021. After the chaos at Elements Music Festival due to heavy rains, all eyes are on Lost Lands Music Festival following in a similar pattern thanks to Mother Nature. The grounds suffered from rain for the larger part of yesterday and today, delaying entrance to the campgrounds due to the muddy and unsafe conditions. The Lost Lands team has posted announcements since yesterday regarding the state of the grounds and updates for those supposed to be camping on the grounds.

Entrance to the campgrounds was open for the majority of the day yesterday, but as those got to the gates near closing time at 10pm, they were turned away and had to find other sleeping arrangements – something that many didn’t plan for.

Today, the rain continued for a short period prompting the Lost Lands team first announced that the camping gates would remain closed until Friday at 10am, until 1:55pm when they shared that “all Wednesday and Thursday early entry pass holders in vehicles” could enter through a different entrance at the National Trail Raceway. This is the only way to currently enter the camping grounds.

On their most recent posts since allowing entry for early campers, attendees have shared that they have been waiting in “3 and a half hour lines and haven’t moved in over 2 hours.”

Mud is also a factor currently, but their team seems optimistic that it will dry up with the sunny forecast through the weekend.

The River Beats team will update as this story progresses. 

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