Freshly Picked: Top 10 Beats of the Week
top 10 beats of the week

In our first edition of Freshly Picked: Top 10 Beats of the Week, we’ve got tracks from new names and old including a Yheti original, a pair of tracks from two house legends, some dubstep, one D&B song, a bit of nasty bass, and of course, Odesza’s 4th and final studio album

10. Fedde Le Grand – Shake That Ass

Yes, you read that right. Fedde Le Grand is still making music and shaking his ass at 44 years of age. His recent track, “Shake That Ass,” doesn’t present anything new that he hasn’t already touched upon before but it is still trademark Fedde Le Grand. Plus, we love that Eminem & Nate Dogg sample.

9. Laidback Luke – Ponme Loco

Speaking of house legends, Laidback Luke is also withstanding the test of time as he continues adding to his discography. “Ponme Loco” is a track that seems like it would hit even harder at a pool club or beach festival but even in a North-Philly bedroom, the track gets the job done.

8. sumthin sumthin – Inhale

I was introduced to sumthin sumthin via his collaboration from 2021 with VCTRE, “Flutter,” and have been following him ever since. His ability to create soundscapes that are both rhythmically provocative and dystopic at the same time makes him a highly sought-after act. In his latest release, sumthin sumthin captures both of these moods in a way that previous tracks haven’t.

7. Zomboy and MUST DIE! – Last One Standing

Zomboy and MUST DIE! are long-time collaborators with tracks dating back to nearly a decade ago. They have proved time and time again that when they get in the studio together they can produce some of the most devastating drops in dubstep history and this recent release of theirs is no different. 

6. DirtySnatcha & In Orbit Dubz – Old School

Like Zomboy, DirtySnatcha is another dubstep OG from the UK. I am not familiar with In Orbit Dubz but the two drops in “Old School” tell me everything I need to know. It is no small feat to collab with a legend like DirtySnatcha and from what it looks like, In Orbit Dubz has already accrued a healthy following for himself. Definitely one to keep your eye on. 

5. Vibe Chemistry – Baddest

The one and only drum and bass song that made it onto our Top 10 this week is a track by DnB Allstars producer Vibe Chemistry. “Baddest” uses the vocals from a song called “Puerto Rico” by Mjeezy and introduces some latin sounding horns that offer some contrasting flavors in this nearly 4-minute track.  The sample isn’t a song that you wouldn’t expect a drum and bass producer to be listening to but that’s what keeps an artist diverse – not limiting yourself to one genre of music.

4. illanthropy – Freezing (From Your Cold Touch)

illanthropy’s “Freezing” is one of the more chill tracks on this Top 10 list but not in the way that you might think. Starry synthesizers combine with wavy basslines that are as emotive as they are meditative. Try listening to this song with your eyes closed and see where it takes you.

3. SoDown – BadBoi Sound (Smoakland Remix)

They did it again. 2022 has been an absolute banner year for Smoakland and they are showing no signs of slowing down. While their entire remix of SoDown’s BadBoi Sound is gold, it’s the second drop that has me wanting to put my head through the wall. It’s that somewhat unexpected and completely rowdy nature of Smoakland’s music that makes them such potent producers. Catch them next week for not one but two sets at Sound Haven.

Bonus: Protohype’s remix of the same song is also something worth listening to.

2. Yheti – Can You Feel

Today marks the fourth week in a row that Yheti has shared new music. We’re not sure what has gotten into the Trifinity producer that has made him so eager to share some of his deep, unreleased discography, but we hope he never stops. The song he dropped today, “Can You Feel,” features a mash-up of “Aphex Twin Avril 14th, Backstreet Boys, and that one song from Lion King I think.” – Yheti, Twitter

1. Odesza – I Can’t Sleep

Of course, we can’t forget about the biggest release from this week which is Odesza’s farewell album, The Last Goodbye. The group had already shared a few tracks from the LP but today, they rolled out the whole thing. Out of the new songs they shared today, “I Can’t Sleep” is my favorite but “North Garden” is a close second. Both songs feature combinations of vintage and trademark Odesza but there is something about the chopped vocals and symphonic arrangements of “I Can’t Sleep” that takes me to a place that only Odesza can take me to.

If you haven’t yet, give these songs and the whole album a listen and hear what dance music will be missing in years to come.

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