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Fedde Le Grand Releases ‘Wouldn’t Be Me’ with JAMIE and 22Bullets [Listen]

Korean singer-songwriter, JAMIE, has taken the music industry by storm over the past few years, and today, she shares one of her most empowering music releases to date.

In her new tune ‘Wouldn’t Be Me’ with 22Bullets and Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand, JAMIE immediately grabs listeners’ attention as a commanding female artist. ‘Wouldn’t Be Me’ is a warming house track that radiates positivity and leaves the listener wanting to dance all night.

Although 22Bullets and Fedde Le Grand have worked together on previous tracks, ‘Wouldn’t Be Me’ reflects how effortlessly the duo incorporate their individual styles, which shines through with hypnotizing tunes and dance-worthy beat drops. JAMIE adds her own personal touch, layering mesmerizing vocals while aiming to use the lyrics to inspire self-empowerment for listeners.

The 24-year-old Korean singer-songwriter first gained attention from winning the competition show K-Pop Star at 15. Since then, JAMIE has created a global name for herself with her uplifting and infectious beats. Unsurprisingly, her mood-boosting tracks have attracted millions of listeners per month on popular music platforms. The artistic combination between JAMIE, 22Bullets, and Fedde Le Grand, tastefully combines the musical flavors of each artist.

‘Wouldn’t Be Me’ is an undeniable inspiration and reflection for the colorful future JAMIE will have. With this song, many hope to see the massive production skills of 22Bullets and Fedde Le Grand coupled with JAMIE again to produce yet another summer hit.

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