Low-End Productions Dives Deeper Into Cinema Space w/ kLL sMTH, Steven Haman, & More (Event Preview)

Low-End Productions Dives Deeper Into Cinema Space w/ kLL sMTH, Steven Haman, & More (Event Preview)

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One year ago, in March of 2023, Matthew Passarelli took a massive risk by throwing his first show as a promoter in an unlikely space. The acts on the lineup – Mike Wallis, pheel., Lone Drum, and K.L.O. – were coveted. The venue – a vintage movie theatre – was questioned.

Regardless, Passarelli went at the event with passion and determination and debuted his new promotion company, Low-End Productions, with tons of fanfare. Today, one year later, we put the spotlight back on the DMV collective as they embark on the third iteration of their voyage into the sonic cinema space.

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The lineup we are met with for the event presents revered artists and burgeoning talents, both audio and visual. The pairings for the night are more than eclectic, they are harmonious fusions anticipated to fit together like matrixing puzzle pieces.

Below, we discuss a little more about the artists set to paint the night and what fans can expect.

Mr. Lang x Focal Point

Two players making a name for themselves in their respective areas, Mr. Lang and Focal Point, will be opening up the night’s activities. While Mr. Lang is revered by the underground for his gnarled sound design, the project presents a much wider scope more properly absorbed live in concert. Release-wise, the Denver artist has been busy, so expect to see plenty of plates come Saturday night.

As for Focal Point, the Maryland native has been strapped to a rocketship over the past year. His performances at Submersion last October for EAZYBAKED and Spoonbill showed to the world that he could push pixels with some of the best. Since then, the hits have kept coming with a growing catalog of entheogenic patches and mesmerizing animations.


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Despite the time slot, these are no typical openers, so make sure you arrive early to witness the first leg of this journey unfold.

Audio Goblin x Aabstract

The next pairing comes in the form of two artists who are currently surging with momentum – Audio Goblin and Aabstract. From the frost of New England to the sands of New Mexico, Audio Goblin has touched down in several major markets over the last year with a series of notable plays with acts like Drrtywulvz, Kursa, and Copycatt. Given the setting and lineup, fans can expect a more novelty set from the grips of Audio Goblin that differs from his typical, uptempo slaughtering.

Paired with Audio Goblin we have another Maryland VJ, Aabstract. Shifting from one medium to another, Aabstract is currently running away with inspiration on the digital front. Recent work and collaborations have underscored a meticulous designer who sculpts 2D and 3D animations with profound magnificence. Now harnessing his mixing capabilities, expect Aabstract to show out on AFI’s 40-foot screen.


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Soulacybin x Steven Haman

For the direct support slot, we have two wildly exploratory artists, Soulacybin and Steven Haman. These creative journeymen have collaborated on more than one occasion and every time they do it seems as if some sort of perfect equilibrium is reached that taps into a hidden part of your brain.

In October 2023, Soulacybin dropped a three-piece EP that punctuates his ability to toe the line between “hyper-chilled rhythms” and exotic, driven basslines. If you examine the tracks on this EP, you will witness his multilayered genius at work. Unexpected arrangements, textured sound design, and immaculate production make Soulacybin one of the best psybass producers in the circuit.

As for Steven Haman, the industry veteran has been matched up with some of the best to ever do it including Tipper and Jade Cicada. Despite his elite classification, Haman will work with any artist he feels inspired by, no matter how established they might be. This is the type of collaborative mindset that allows our scene to move forward. When these two unite on Saturday April 6th, expect nothing but exploration.


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kLL sMTH x Steven Haman B2B Aabstract

Headlining the event we have none other than kLL sMTH and a very special B2B between Steven Haman and Aabstract. Over the past year, kLL sMTH has further cemented his legacy with several curated shows, notable collaborations, and boundary-pushing releases. In the last month, kLL sMTH has dropped a phonk track, a DNB remix, and a crunchy neuro original, all of which emphasize his multi-genre appeal.

While Haman and Aabstract are on different levels, the two have massive respect for eachother and have used one another’s work on multiple occasions. The collaboration further signifies Haman’s desire to uplift and engage growing artists, a trait that more established names should look to replicate if they want our scene to keep growing.


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See You in Silver Spring

Following the last Cinema Series, Low-End introduced some serious upgrades and showed that they are intent on expanding the project and their curation. The biggest change for this iteration is the deployment of TSL’s Danley rig which includes 4 BC218 subs.


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The show is lining up to be the can’t-miss event of the Spring, so make sure you grab your tickets and arrive early to witness the full extent of this end-to-end journey.

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