10 Can’t Miss Artists at Elements Festival 2024: Barclay Crenshaw, Cool Customer, & More

10 Can’t Miss Artists at Elements Festival 2024: Barclay Crenshaw, Cool Customer, & More

elements festival 2024

When you take a look at the lineup for Elements Festival 2024, it may be hard to keep your jaw off the floor. Among highly exclusive side projects, super rare B2Bs, and a long list of choice names all across the electronic music spectrum, it can be hard to determine where to take your first bite.

elements festival 2024

Luckily, the organizers behind Elements have baked a cake filled with frosting and gooey bits from end to end, frame to frame, with plenty to discover in both the mainstream and underground realms. To help you dissect this massive lineup, we’ve highlighted 10 of our most anticipated acts set to grace the stage at Elements Festival 2024.

Of The Trees

One of our favorite special guests on the Elements 2024 lineup this year would undoubtedly be Of The Trees. Featured on our list of Breakout Artists of 2023, Of The Trees has been strapped to a rocket ship for the past year and does not look like he’s coming back to earth anytime soon. As of now, he is sitting on his throne at Memory Palace after taking it to champion heights in the short duration it’s been active. A kingdom its become with a massive takeover at Red Rocks last November and next, at Elements Festival 2024.


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According to the lineup, we’re guessing FLY and Player Dave will be joining in on the takeover with Of The Trees holding down the headline spot for that Thursday night – the pre-party. 

Barclay Crenshaw

Another Memory Palace lord and legend in his own right is Barclay Crenshaw, known to the wider electronic community and house afficianados as Claude VonStroke. When Crenshaw announced his dip into strictly bass territory, we were as happy as can be. After joining Of The Trees in the aforementioned Memory Palace takeover at Red Rocks, fans were foaming from the mouth to see what would be next from Crenshaw. While the Open Channel LP may have been his entrance, we’re waiting to see what Barclay Crenshaw provides in the interlude. Expect nothing but Nasty Channels when he descends upon Elements Festival in his bass-fueled hovercraft.

Desert Hearts

The venterous party starters known as Desert Hearts have lit up venues, festivals, deserts, and horizons across the map for the past decade. Consisting of the legends Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, Marbs, & Kristoff McKay, this mixmash of sonic superstatrs bring a variety of bouquets that flourish and bend at that seams every which way. Expect this entourage of high tempo players to start the party off proper alongside Of The Trees during the Thursday night pre-party.

5AM Trio

Philadelphia’s 5AM Trio has been blazing their own trail in the world of jamtronica. Comprised of Sam Andrus, AKA 5AM, who is the conductor and mastermind behind the project, Keith Wadsworth, of Wax Future, who supplies the electrochemical flare on the guitar, and Aaron Harel, AKA Zone Drums, who steadies the ship and rocks patterns beyond belief, the 5AM Trio is made up of several flavors. Most recently, the trio put out their second official release, a two-song EP that welcomes back original member Tygris to the fold.

Improvised jam sessions and a magnetic aura stitch these three musicians together. When you see the chemistry come to life on the live stage, you can see the energy transferring between them like an intergalactic boomerang. Such will be the case come August in Long Pond, Pennsylvania when 5AM Trio joins other coveted jamtronica bands such as The Disco Biscuits and Sunsquabi at Elements Festival 2024.


From Shambhala to Red Rocks, the continental allure and capabilities of Canabliss are never-ending. The Canadian National has been put on by names like Liquid Stranger and Black Tiger Sex Machine all while building a steady resume of headlining gigs across North America. Her most recent single, “Saudade,” released on Wakaan, combines nuanced space bass, enchanting vocals, and oscillating melodies in a tight-knit package. Likely floating over to the Poconos on a cloud of pink smoke, expect Canabliss to bring the heat at Elements 2024.

Cool Customer

One of the biggest splashes in the realm of glitch hop and halftime over the past few years is the mysterious arrival of Cool Customer. Three years ago this month, the anonymous producer dropped a two-song EP that quickly ushered him into the headphones and speakers of bass heads everywhere. Almost immediately, he began sharing lineups with the likes of Tipper and Jade Cicada pushing him even further into the foray of left-field bass music. Most recently, Cool Customer showed out at ‘The Rendezvous’ in Suwannee for what fans are calling his “hardest set to date.” With a whole year now passing with no new music, we are hoping for plenty of IDs and unreleased magic when Elements arrives.


Much like Cool Customer, Hamdi crashed down onto the domestic scene like a meteorite slung from the low-end Gods themselves. His hit singles, “Skanka” and “Counting,” have infected the airwaves and made it onto the tracklists of pretty much every dubstep DJ you know.

The half-Tunisian, half-English phenom got his production start at the ripe age of 12 when he began exploring the world of grime. Since then, Hamdi has evolved into the dazzling spectacle he is today. Expect him to bring nothing but mayhem to the woodlands come August 9-11th.


Another international icon set to grace the stage at Elements Festival 2024 is the experimental beatmaker known as Saka. Coming out of Hong Kong, Saka is unique because of where he gets his inspiration from and what it eventually turns into.


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Hairsplitting basslines, technical arrangement, and chiseled production – most notably showcased on tracks like “Salvo” and “Elite” – are just a few elements that make up Saka’s sonic profile. At the end of 2023, one of Saka’s most decorated years yet, he announced a national tour with shows alongside Subtronics and G Jones. We have no doubts that this recent run of gigs has left Saka even more dialed and ready to deliver on the festival circuit this year.


Dub Day’s DiCE MaN is beloved for a multitude of reasons. As the founder of Dub Day and various other events and curations, Wade Appleton pushes the scene forward both as a producer and an industry professional.


His performances range from high-velocity bass music to spoken-word exhibitions. When it comes to his discography, Appleton most recently released a two-song EP titled, Music For You, a much-welcomed follow-up to his debut LP dropped in February 2023. For Elements Festival, we expect DiCE MaN to feel right at home with a massive East Coast community likely to be in full force during his set.


Last but certainly not least we have our second Philly artist on the list, Raudra. Venturing through multiple genres but finding a home in the chasms of drum and bass, Raudra has carved out a trademark sound for himself. Combining elements from world music, traditional DNB, UKG, and differing sources of inspiration, Raudra’s style depicts a polychromatic blend of several textures. Following a masterful performance at Submersion Festival 2023, he has hopped on the radar of fans across the country, including the organizers of Elements who will be putting the rage of Raudra on full display this August.


To witness the magic of these highly decorated artists, and several more, make sure you snag your tickets for Elements Festival 2024.

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