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FLY Explores Mysteries of the Subconscious in Exploratory EP, ‘Lucid Dream’


The latest sonic expedition from electronic maestro FLY has descended upon the masses. Lucid Dream, a mind-bending EP released via Memory Palace Records, emerges as a kaleidoscopic odyssey through the uncharted territories of sound.

Born and bred in the vibrant streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts, this Berklee College of Music alumni wields his sonic prowess like a wizard conjuring spells from the depths of the collective unconscious. In his latest release, he concocts a potent brew of ethereal melodies and pulsating rhythms.

The journey begins with the haunting strains of the title track, “Lucid Dream,” a sonic tapestry that blurs the boundaries between reality and reverie. With each beat, FLY beckons the listener to shed the shackles of the mundane and dive headfirst into the depths of the subconscious.

But it is the collaboration with Player Dave on “Blink” that truly steals the show, a sonic collision of cosmic proportions that sends shockwaves through the ether. As the synths swirl and the bass reverberates, one can’t help but feel transported to a parallel dimension where time itself is but a fleeting illusion.


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As the EP unfolds, tracks like “Synesthesia,” “Tipping Point,” and “Nostalgia” weave a tapestry of sonic exploration, each offering a glimpse into the labyrinthine corridors of FLY’s imagination. With artwork crafted by the enigmatic Silven (@sylvainsarrailh), the visual accompaniment to “Lucid Dream” serves as a portal to a realm where the laws of physics cease to exist and the boundaries of reality blur.

FLY’s upcoming performances alongside Barclay Crenshaw and a special B2B set with sumthin sumthin at Red Rocks promise to be nothing short of transcendental. In the hallowed halls of Memory Palace Records, FLY has found a home for his boundless creativity, a sanctuary where sonic alchemy reigns supreme.

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