20 Artists We’re Listening to in 2024: Chez, Yoko, Inspect3r, & More

20 Artists We’re Listening to in 2024: Chez, Yoko, Inspect3r, & More

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Editor’s Note: This is a staff-sourced article. We feel this list is extremely difficult to calculate as there are too many factors at play. We allow our staff to submit their favorite choices and voice their explanations.

There is no shortage of inspiring acts to listen to as we head into 2024. But with so much new talent on the horizon, it can be difficult to know where to look.

Hopefully, River Beats Dance has provided you with some sort of guidance over the last few years regarding new music and exciting acts to follow. As we continue this mission of ours, lists like these become all the more important.

Identifying 20 new and rising acts within the electronic music scene, the following list contains a tremendous level of artistry and innovation. Nominated by staff on the River Beats Dance team, these are the names we are listening to in 2024.



Holding it down from the PNW, Absolem is a young producer in the underground bass realm with a bold and innovative sound. In his short, yet potent discography, Absolem shuffles between gut-busting halftime, emotive downtempo, and a fusion of exotic, bass-layered boom-bap. Inspired by old-school hip hop, like A Tribe Called Quest, yet taking the lead from pioneering neuro artists, like Frequent, Absolem is combining inspiration with creativity in profound ways.

Nominated by Staff Writer & Editor Maximilian Vanegas



Wielding unique capabilities in psybass, funkified glitch hop, jazz-inspired bass music, DNB, and various other sectors, Arcturus operates like a psychedelic octopus pushing buttons in multiple genres all at once. Starting his career in Austin, Texas in 2013 and eventually moving out to the red cliffs and juniper forests of Sedona, Arizona, this is a project that has undergone many evolutions.

Currently, Arcturus isn’t specifying one niche over the other but instead is following whatever inspires him at the moment. It’s for these boundless movements and his vivacious live sets, such as his 2023 appearances at Tipper & Friends V and SHIFT Thursdays, that we are keeping our eyes firmly fixed on Arizona’s Arcturus.

Nominated by Staff Writer & Editor Maximilian Vanegas


When it comes to hard work, few do it like Denver’s BACKWHEN. In 2023 alone he dropped three albums (and a few EPs to boot), went on a summer tour, made festival appearances, and sold out a few shows as well. To say the man has been busy is an understatement.

He’s brought the sound of phonk to the masses and the people are loving it. He’s already announced another album for 2024 and will be making an appearance at SHIFT this month as well, so we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings from him.

Nominated by Staff Writer Dani Opera



It’s incredibly exciting to see an artist who is so talented yet still so far from reaching their precipice. Such is the case with Chicago’s Chez, an artist who has ridden a bottle rocket into the low-end, underground bass scene over the past year. 

While recent releases of his, such as the Mr. Nibbles EP, grasp a style akin to both modern glitch-hop and traditional neuro, there appear to be embers of an avante-garde style within his form. His recent set at Submersion festival, alongside many other hefty 2023 performances, exemplifies a bass-influenced pyrotechnic who can test the limits of some of the best systems in the circuit.

A trademark sound is being carved within the inspiration he reflects, and we are excited to watch the blaze intensify. Catch him putting his talents to the test next to Kursa and Resonant Language at Chicago’s Chop Shop this February.

Nominated by Staff Writer & Editor Maximilian Vanegas

Chef Boyarbeatz

chef boyarbeatz

Incredible mixing and live performances that hop between dubstep, UKG, and DNB make Chef Boyarbeatz a must-see act while several hit releases charting on Beatport are must-listens. Make sure to keep an eye on this quickly-ascending producer in 2024.

Nominated by Staff Writer Devin Dees



With a rapid growth in popularity within the underground, it was only a matter of time before you were hearing Criso’s tracks in your favorite artists’ sets. Gaining support from the likes of Ternion Sound and Joe Nice, it’s no wonder we’re hearing Criso rinsed on speakers across the country. We’ve seen performances this year at places like Sound Haven, Cervantes, and The Black Box with no sign of stopping.

Nominated by Staff Writer James Church

Cut Rugs

cut rugs

Asheville-based Cut Rugs creates energetic bass music that’s difficult to place in one category. Regardless of where it belongs, his complex, glitchy, psychedelic music is sure to get you moving. The talented artist unveiled a plethora of new music in 2023 including solo projects, remixes, and collaborations with artists like Audio Goblin. Starting 2024 off with a massive headlining performance in ATL, we can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeves for 2024.

Nominated by Staff Writer Julia Condon

Distinct Motive

distinct motive

Finally getting his flowers after the massive success of his latest releases, Distinct Motive is an artist you need to pay attention to. His infamous “ID” is making waves across the country where his (2x) 2023 Duploc Dubstep Awards for Best EP (Niagara EP) and Best Track (“Snakes”) are quickly ushering him into the spotlight.

Nominated by Staff Writer Devin Dees



½ of Nic Baker, leading the pack in the wave of domestic garage with fresh originals and a unique track selection.

Nominated by Staff Writer Devin Dees


JAMiAM has had an incredible past year. Along with various festival performances, she played supporting slots for Shlump’s “Alien Trip” tour and Shanghai Doom & Abelation’s “Death Mechanics” tour. With an array of popular releases, such as her “Neighbors” Flip, JAMiAM is just starting to gear up.

With the new year just beginning, she’s already announced volume 2 of her JAMiMiND Melter Mix series of all originals and quite possibly her biggest show yet playing support for Tape B at New York City’s Avant Gardner.

Nominated by Staff Writer James Church



Finishing off his busiest year yet, KEOTA is steadily becoming a mainstay within the glitch hop niche. 2023 saw performances at several notable venues including support slots for Mersiv at Mission Ballroom and Cool Customer’s debut headline event at Cervantes’.

As far as festival appearances go, an insane journey set at Submersion Festival and equally engaging exhibitions at Infrasound and Wakaan have got KEOTA on our radar.

Nominated by Staff Writer James Church



Put on by melodic house tastemakers This Never Happened and Anjunabeats, OCULA is an artist with international appeal. His steadfast dedication in the studio has given way to some of the most heavenly arrangements coming out of the organic, melodic house realm. Most recently, the British artist dropped an EP titled Come Around released with TNH.

His growing production prowess, most notably portrayed in this recent release, along with his dazzling performance capabilities have got OCULA on our list of artists we’re listening to in 2024.

Nominated by Staff Writer & Editor Sean Schmidt


An incredibly accomplished year on the road in 2023 has spread the prolific iterations of Omnist’s sonic style far and wide. Performing at big name events like TNF 5, Infrasound Equinox, and Kings NYE with massive supporting slots for acts like Kursa and Mickman, Omnist has been in high demand. Although the past year has been a little light on the release side, that’s exactly why we are so excited to see what 2024 brings.

It’s clear to see by his live sets and social posts that Omnist is sitting on more IDs than Frank Abagnale Jr.. Whether fans will have to keep chasing said IDs or if Omnist will release them is a question that only adds to the allure of his project. Released, unreleased, we don’t care, as long as the Denver-based artist continues to spin his web of novelty neuro bass and glitch hop transpositions, we’ll be there to listen.

Nominated by Staff Writer & Editor Maximilian Vanegas



Experimental, low-end bass artist Pathwey has been using his distinct sound to carve out a space for himself in a highly competitive scene. Pathwey and Moondrop’s two-song EP, Release, shows off the artists’ trademark architecture and unique, melodic sound. Recent collaborations with Ravenscoon and opening sets for artists like Truth further solidify the North Carolina-based artist’s place in the scene. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2024 brings for Pathwey!

Nominated by Staff Writer Julia Condon



If you haven’t heard of REMNANT.exe then we fear you might be living under a rock. The Denver-based producer has one of the most consistent release schedules out there and we are so here for it. This year saw the release of his Valence Shell EP on Pilot and a slew of singles and remixes.

He’s made several overseas appearances, including a stop at ADE, and played several shows in the States opening for the likes of CloZee, Ravenscoon, and more. With a resume like that, we can only imagine what 2024 will bring.

Nominated by Staff Writer Dani Opera

Resonant Language

resonant language

Bass enthusiasts and aficionados of the eclectic are flocking to the vibrant musical landscape of Resonant Language, where musicality converges with melodic mystique. 

His latest album, “Input Slope,” weaves immersive compositions featuring raw and twisting melodies, showcasing a meticulous focus on intricate sound design and an affinity for experimental drum patterns. This latest creation propels bass design and sonic environments into a head-crushing and dimensional journey. 

Expect to witness a Resonant Language appearance in bass scenes around the states, starting the year with a bang at Kings Theater NYE in Brooklyn, NY, followed by a return to the Rocky’s with Yheti at Mission Ballroom in Denver come March.

April brings madness with the Astral Project music festival, boasting a stellar lineup to complement its immaculate vibes. Wrapping up this out-of-this-world run is a sensational performance at Rendezvous in Suwanee, FL, come May. Embark on an auditory adventure with Resonant Language.

Nominated by Staff Writer Alyssa Barnhill

Shanghai Doom

shanghai doom

Shanghai Doom has been crushing the sound design game for quite a while now. Along with a plethora of releases this year and the rise of their incredibly well-received “Bass Cannon” flip, these boys have been working nonstop.

Their touring and festival presence grows stronger year after year with them just wrapping up their co-headlining “Death Mechanics” tour with Abelation. The group just got a bid to play a B2B set with Sharlitz Web for Wakaan Rocks II so expect them to start really making some noise in the scene.

Nominated by Staff Writer James Church


One artist operating in the celestial regions of spacey neuro and portal-ripping halftime is Denver’s Slomato. From originals and collabs to live sets and mixes, everything this wily producer touches takes on an infectious energy that seeps through your speakers and pours through your soul. Through my own negligence, his LAKADAISICAL LP was left unconsidered for our Top Albums of 2023 list but definitely receives an honorable mention.

The album in focus exemplifies some incredibly rare sound design being spun in experimental bass music. At times, he lets the beast breath by itself: a hovering bass line that does damage all on its own. Other times, Slomato will layer his soundscapes with everything from dizzying drum patterns to ethereal “slo-fi.” As far as live performances go, Slomato made his festival debut at Infrasound this past year while staying busy with a handful of performances. Expect this young producer coming out of bass music’s “New School” to start causing some real terror in 2024.

Nominated by Staff Writer & Editor Maximilian Vanegas



Hailing from the Midwest, the emerging musical talent Wolf’d is leaving an indelible mark on the bustling underground dubstep scene with his fresh and innovative ideas. His impactful contributions to Aspire Higher and the My Enemies EP on Next-Level Dubstep showcase his ability to captivate audiences with a profound dub sound and a diverse musical palette.

Recently honored with the Best Compilation award at the 2023 Dubstep Awards hosted by duploc.com for his outstanding collaborative work on the “Update 2.0” compilation, Wolf’d proves his dedication and skill in pushing the boundaries of the genre. 

His journey reached new heights in December 2022 when he emerged victorious in a Sub.mission battle, securing a coveted spot at the prestigious Sonic Bloom 2023 music festival in Colorado. Wolf’d continues to shine, bringing his distinctive talent to the forefront of the industry, all while exuding that unmistakable “BRE,” or “Big Room Energy.”

Nominated by Staff Writer Alyssa Barnhill



Denver-based producer Yoko had a massive year in 2023 and is poised for an even bigger 2024. The eclectic producer spent the year refining her sound, performing at festivals like Wakaan and Sonic Bloom, and even opening up for the likes of CloZee.

A string of recent releases on the Odyzey Music label have been well-received and point to a promising future. Yoko’s Red Rocks debut in May, her supporting plays on A Hundred Drums’ tour, plus tons more are sure to make for a massive 2024 for the rising star.

Nominated by Staff Writer Julia Condon

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