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Get Lost in the Forest with Yoko and Where the Ferns Are [Exclusive Preview]

The Gradient Perspective Yoko Where the Ferns Are

While wildlife begins to hibernate, the music industry never stops and for the gradient perspective, 2022 is no different! The Gradient Perspective teamed up with Denver-based Yoko for her latest release, Where the Ferns Are, out January 14!

As no stranger to The Gradient Perspective family, Yoko returns for a three-track EP with a new approach. Where the Ferns Are takes listeners on a mystical journey rooted deep in the forest of a place far away. Check out our exclusive preview of the title track ‘Where the Ferns Are’ below!


Where the Ferns Are

Yoko, known by friends as Emi Veliz, began her journey in 2017 striving to recreate thoughts in her head to be portrayed in her art. Her most recent performance in support for Rusko has the fire burning hot for 2022!

Diving into a range of sounds and styles has given Yoko space to create everything from bass-pounding 140 dubstep to the intricate downtempo stylings heard in Where the Ferns Are. For this release, Yoko teamed up with our good friends at The Gradient Perspective.

As an independent label, The Gradient Perspective aims to connect artists and fans alike who crave creativity and complexity in bass music. While the team is based out of Washington, DC, The Gradient Perspective works with artists all over the world.

The Gradient Perspective Yoko Where the Ferns Are

In Where the Ferns Are, listeners can escape reality with impeccable use of space and low frequencies. The title track, ‘Where the Ferns Are’ is an introduction with an ambient build and smooth instrumentals taking you into orbit. The soothing vocal pairing transforms the track creating an ethereal atmosphere for the rest of the journey.

Into the Void

‘Weeping Willow’ is a change of pace filling space in the void, pairing a somber mood with heavy bass and precise percussion. By this point, listeners have completely escaped reality. The layers peel back over the course of the track, further exposing the softer side of Yoko.

To round out the incredible journey in Where the Ferns Are, ‘Dreams of Wisteria’ is perhaps Yoko’s most revealing track yet. All emotions are left on the table for this sunsetting end of the story. Matched with an unforgettable vocal track, the bassline reaches deep to create a foundation for what we can only imagine is yet to come.

The Gradient Perspective Yoko Where the Ferns Are
Yoko @ Church Denver | Photo by @bryanoutwest

We can’t wait to see what else is down the pipeline from The Gradient Perspective! Keep an eye out for additional releases, show announcements, and more.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram, @RiverBeatsDance, for a special takeover from Yoko today, January 7! To find out more about Yoko and The Gradient Perspective, check the links below!

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