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Genre-spanning Producer Thought Process Flexes His Range in Latest EP, “Collapse In Real Time”

thought process collapse in real time

Some of the best producers in the world are the ones that can surprise us. 

Whether it’s an unexpected live edit, an experiment in sound design, or anything else that listeners don’t see coming, a well-designed sonic surprise can really get people’s blood flowing. Which is exactly what Thought Process has in store on his latest EP, Collapse In Real Time.

The fact that the Denver-based producer has returned with yet another crisp and fresh-sounding work of music is not the surprise. Nor is the fact that each track sheds more and more light on an artist who is rapidly developing his skills in the workshop. The surprise in this 4-piece EP comes directly in the middle of the album when Thought Process turns the dial from soulful and jazzy to a hip-hop bass buffet. 

1st Half – “From Scratch” & “Dead and Gone”

The album opens up with “From Scratch,” which features a combination of playful bells draped over a crisp-sounding snare. There are times where listeners may think a grittier presence is foreboding with a bass line that dives a little deep at moments, but for the most part, the track carries a sunny sort of aura.

When the needle drops on “Dead and Gone” listeners are transported to the south with a sound that may remind you of an animated corner in New Orleans. With soulful vocals delicately arranged over some potent jazz notes (and some Mob Deep sprinkled in), Thought Process creates an energetic but gentle beat composition that you can sip your drink to.   

It isn’t until the third song, “Spectrum,” that Collapse In Real Time slaps the lemonade out of your hand and flips you and your lawn chair into the pool.

2nd Half – “Spectrum” & “No Real”

Right off the bat, “Spectrum” presents itself as a track that intends on grabbing you by the collars and giving you a good shake. The piece is an absolute head-bobber. The timing of the hip-hop samples sewn together with a duo of basslines you can feel in your chest hit perfectly and carry from measure to measure with style and ease. 

By the time “No Real,” comes on, Thought Process has got the party started. The track opens in a similarly seductive manner as the one before it – with a dope beat knocking on the door waiting to be let in. Next comes another symphony of bass and hardcore rap samples which conclude the EP in a climactic but smooth fashion.

Although the two halves of this EP differ in style, what remains consistent throughout the four songs is Thought Process’ use of hip-hop instrumentation and vocals – a theme that has been a constant in the production efforts of this up-and-coming artist. 

Capping off a year that includes performances at The Untz, Resonance, and Nocturnal Noise II, Thought Process will be heading to Playa Playground on New Year’s Eve where he will be playing support for the likes of Ultrasloth, Duffrey, Keota, and more in Las Vegas. 

Keep your eyes peeled on the “blip circulating in an infinite loop” as Thought Process continues to make his impression on the scene.

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