10 Must-See Acts At Texas Eclipse 2024: Tipper, Bob Moses, LP Giobbi, + More

10 Must-See Acts At Texas Eclipse 2024: Tipper, Bob Moses, LP Giobbi, + More

The lineup for Texas Eclipse has been one of the most conversation-starting spectacles of the year. With more than 100 artists spanning multiple genres (not to mention all of the speakers and panels), it can feel overwhelming to decide who to see. We’re here to help guide you on a few of the top artists who will be playing this legendary, once-in-a-lifetime event so you can make informed choices about where to spend your time over the four-day festival.

We’ve thoroughly scoured the entire lineup to determine who you absolutely cannot miss while you’re on the grounds. From psytrance to deep dub to glitch hop, house, jam, and more, we’re covering it all.

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As one of the most heralded, sought-after jam groups on the scene, Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) will bring their fusion of psychedelic rock, electronic, and jazz to the Lone Star Stage. This band, comprised of members Hunter Brown, Jeffree Lerner, David Phipps, Zach Velmer, and Alana Rocklin, is truly dialed in when it comes to cohesion. They can throw down a prepared set or blow fans’ minds with improv playing, and you truly never know what to expect when catching one of their sets. If you only see one jam set all weekend, we highly recommend making it this one.

Barclay Crenshaw

Barclay Crenshaw has been on fire in recent months after deciding to step away from his house project, Claude VonStroke, and focus fully on bass. His new sound, which was captured in his most recent album, Open Channelwas focused on redirecting his energy into a fresh mix of dub, experimental bass, lo-fi, funk, and hip-hop. Honestly? We’re here for it. Recent sets like those at Red Rocks Amphitheater, where he opened for Of The Trees, showed off his honed-in skills and the effort that he’s made to get to this point. Be sure to throw down during his set at the Eclipse Stage to fully understand the hype around his latest project.


Opiuo has been a staple of the bass music genre for years (although he doesn’t conform himself to bass alone), and he’s only continuing to rise. His thrilling blend of funk and dub combines into an exciting atmosphere, and his sets are a high-energy dance party that you won’t be able to get enough of. Not only that, but he has a deep love for his fans, which he often expresses live to contribute to the high vibes. If you’re seeking bass that will rattle you right down to your soul, this is the set to see.


This one seems fairly obvious to any seasoned bass lovers, but we have to mention it regardless. After Tipper recently announced his upcoming retirement, the chase has been on among fans to catch as many sets as possible–and this sunset set at the Eclipse Stage will likely end up being the stuff of legends. There are very few artists who have been around as long as Tipper, and you can see his expertise at work with a swirling blend of glitch hop, scratching, deep dub, ambient, and breakbeat channeled into one flawlessly crafted experience that will have your brain melted into mush for days.

Bob Moses

Over at the Sky Stage, which will feature some of the best house and techno artists from around the world, you can see house duo Bob Moses perform. Made up of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, the pairing has been dropping iconic festival sets for years. They can take you anywhere on the emotional scale, from the peaks of euphoria to simple gratitude for being alive and in the moment. This Grammy-winning group will be one of the highlights of the weekend, so don’t miss out.

LP Giobbi

LP Giobbi (Leah Chisholm) is about as wholesome as house music can get. Her latest album, Light Places, was a soaring adventure through her life experiences, whether it was paying tribute to her grandmother’s support or reflecting on the power of dreams. Her spiritual influences are present throughout her sets, allowing you to get down and dirty while still pondering the meaning of life itself. If you want your chakras aligned while you dance, this is the perfect place to be.

Deep, Dark, and Dangerous

Although this isn’t one artist, the Deep, Dark, and Dangerous takeover will be some of the grimiest deep dub you’ll catch all weekend. Featuring label acts including Truth, Abstrakt Sonance, Khiva, and Distinct Motive, these sets will transport you into other realms altogether. Their musical themes revolve around revealing hidden truths and secrets, allowing you to do some true inner exploration and soul-searching that will have you come out more aligned when it’s all said and done. These four acts will be lighting up the Moon Stage, so venture over for an expansive experience that will leave you dazed.

Desert Dwellers

Emerging from the realm of the underground is Desert Dwellers, a mid-tempo bass duo that seeks to explore world travel through music. Their deep bass lines and enchanting synths have the power to transport listeners anywhere, from the Sahara to the lush jungles of Costa Rica. It’s also not uncommon to see aerial artists and other dancers at their set, creating a full audio-visual experience unlike any other. When you’re ready to get spiritual and heady, journey over to the Earth Stage to catch this pair create magic. You can also see one of the members, Treavor Moontribe, work his solo skills later on at the Sun Stage.

Freedom Fighters

When you’re ready for a truly otherworldly experience, venture over to the Sun Stage to see Freedom Fighters. Created by Shahaf Efrat, this project first debuted in 2006 and has become even more masterful since then. Efrat’s sets mix a dark blend of house, trance, and techno with elements like flutes, synthesizers, and ethereal vocals to move your mind and spirit right out of the grassy fields of Texas.

Josh Teed

A River Beats favorite, Josh Teed is an up-and-coming producer and musician who blends bass with live violin to craft something truly unique and inspired. He draws from artists like CloZee, CharlestheFirst, Govinda, and more to build an earthy and soul-touching sound that will render you breathless. This is the kind of music that makes you want to take off your shoes and really melt into the ground to get the full experience. We’ll be there–will you?

There are only two weeks left until Texas Eclipse kicks off, so be sure to snag your tickets now so you don’t miss out on this incredible gathering of souls. There is truly something for everyone at this event, no matter what kind of music or education you’re into. To learn more, follow the links below and get your tickets today.

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