Of The Trees Plants Downtempo Roots & Teases New EP with 'Windhorse' [Listen]
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Of The Trees Plants Downtempo Roots & Teases New EP with ‘Windhorse’ [Listen]

of the trees windhorse

A sonic shapeshifter and narrator of sound, Of The Trees, has always been capable of enrapturing his listeners in a unique way. The boundaries he sets for himself while producing seem almost nonexistent, which makes perfect sense why he has made his descent into downtempo beat-making,

“Windhorse ft. Sophie Marks” is the first peek into this new territory of unexplored ambiance that Of The Trees is setting his sites on. Rail riders, moshers, and headbangers beware, this is not the same Of The Trees who provided filthy basslines and breathtaking drops from the Harvest or Tanglewood collections. What you will be met within his upcoming EP, Tale of Elegos, is a more intrinsic and sensual producer. One that still has every intention of making you feel each note and frequency tingle down your spine, regardless of the pitch or BPM you might be used to.

Those akin to Of The Trees’ creative nature and attraction to story-telling may not be surprised by this new direction he is taking, as he has always been one to fathom the depths of sound experimentation. From collaborating with Freddy Todd at a temple that worshipped cacti to teaming up with the vocal stylings of Sophie Marks, it is clear that Of The Trees has his heart set on exploration. 

When the album, Tale of Elegos, releases at the end of October, don’t expect it to be just another EP. Expect it to be a story, a novella, with the chapters unfolding through your eardrums as your guide (Of The Trees) illuminates places of your mind you never thought existed.

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