CloZee's Latest Release 'Skylight' Sets the Stage for Microworlds Album

CloZee’s Latest Release ‘Skylight’ Sets the Stage for Microworlds Album [Listen]

French multi-talented artist and Odyzey Music label head, CloZee, has unveiled her newest single, ‘Skylight,’ accompanied by an official music video.

Serving as the third and final single from her highly anticipated album, Microworlds, ‘Skylight’ showcases the harmonious spirituality and emotionally-evoking sound that defines CloZee’s musical journey.

Embracing the essence of Microworlds, ‘Skylight’ takes listeners on a captivating sonic adventure. The track gracefully combines warm synths and soulful melodies with powerful bass drops, creating a cinematic experience.

“This track was the key that unlocked the door to my new musical journey. I wanted to create a bright, epic, and cinematic composition to contrast with the darker moments of the COVID period and overcome my writer’s block. ‘Skylight’ was the one that opened that door.” – CloZee

Continuing the theme of self-expression and self-acceptance seen in CloZee’s recent music videos, the accompanying visual piece for ‘Skylight,’ titled ‘The Embrace,’ adds another layer to the artist’s deeply personal storytelling. Dancer Jalen Rashad reprises his role as the central character, exuding a sense of peace and self-assurance as he embraces his identity. This music video serves as the final installment in CloZee’s three-part series, following the visuals for ‘Microworlds’ and ‘Courage.’

As ‘Skylight’ completes the Microworlds album, CloZee prepares to embark on her highly anticipated Microworlds Tour, scheduled to commence on September 28th.

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