10 Can't-Miss Artists At Somethin' Different Festival 2023
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10 Can’t-Miss Artists At Somethin’ Different Festival 2023

somethin' different festival

An eclectic mix of renowned and up-and-coming bass artists will soon be gathering in Pine, Colorado for the 2023 edition of Somethin’ Different. This lineup is absolutely stacked from top to bottom with both new and old artists at the top of their game, and there is sure to be someone playing who suits your fancy.

Somethin’ Different, which started out as a small gathering of friends, is dedicated to offering a unique, intimate experience based purely on a deep love of bass music. Their distinct lineup joins local Colorado artists with those from around the country to create a festival unlike any other from this year.

Bread Winner

Denver-based artist Bread Winner has been on a hot streak recently with an insane performance at Tipper and Friends earlier this year and upcoming slots at Infrasound Equinox and Fire Lights festival. Somethin’ Different marks his debut festival headliner slot, and it’s sure to be a treat for attendees. Glitch, bouncy experimental beats, hip-hop, and well-timed softer moments combine to create an all-encapsulating mood that perfectly captures that late-night festival feeling. You can catch Bread Winner at 12:30 a.m. on Friday at the Somethin’ Different Stage.

Josh Teed

josh teed

Always adding new layers of novelty to his sound, Josh Teed is an artist we have been a fan of for a while. His ability to blend both light and dark moods gives way to incredibly evocative performances that constantly vary from one another. The New Hampshire-bred sound designer most recently dropped “Minutia,” the first chapter in a three-part series and an all-original mix right before that. Catch him playing on the Somethin’ Different Stage at 12:40 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning.


As one of the more experienced artists playing Somethin’ Different this year, Orenda has been producing beautiful, ethereal sounds for more than seven years. His signature style is spiritual, dreamy, and tribal–but he’s not afraid of throwing down grimy beats when they’re needed. He’s performed at renowned events like Sonic Bloom, Unison Festival, and Clozee’s Voyage to the Caverns. He goes on at 11:20 p.m. on Saturday at the main stage, and his nature-inspired sounds should be a perfect lead-in to Josh Teed.


Raised in the Bay Area but now a Fort Collins local, Fervor is heavily inspired by his time in nature. Influenced by artists like Charlesthefirst or Eprom, his music is upbeat and dirty with a spacey feel. After a recent performance alongside Goopsteppa and Somatoast, Fervor is ready to take the main stage at Somethin’ Different at 2:00 a.m. on Friday night.

Moon Lotus

Moon Lotus, hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, began breaking into the music festival scene about two years ago. Although he’s a newer artist, his production is already ahead of its time. His catchphrase, “pickin’ flowers and tellin’ stories,” perfectly sums up the energy of his live sets, which are experimental, freeform journies that will both take you within and help you connect with those around you. You can catch Moon Lotus at 9:20 p.m. on Saturday at the main stage, where he’ll be warming up the crowd for a long night of dancing.

 Kloud Forest

As the winner of the 2023 Electric Forest Discovery Project, Kloud Forest is going nowhere but up. His late-night set at Electric Forest this year closed out the festival to rave reviews, and for good reason–Kloud Forest is already an expert at his craft. Glitchy, mid-tempo tracks with thumping basslines make his sets a nonstop party. He’ll be performing Sunday at 9:45 on the Somethin’ Different stage.

Tesla Nikole

As one of the rising queens of the underground, Tesla Nikole isn’t just a producer–she’s also a talented flow artist. She can often be found spinning at late-night clubs throughout Denver, where she melts minds with her experimental dub tunes. You can sometimes catch her performing flow arts while she plays, making her a unique and fun addition to this year’s Somethin’ Different lineup. Tesla Nikole will be closing out the main stage on Friday, so don’t miss this one-of-a-kind offering.


This two-man group from Denver, Colorado originated in 2021 but is catching on quickly. Made up of producers Zach Thomas and Mike Silva, Denver residents can often see Barooka playing at underground venues like the Black Box. Other festival performances this year include sets at Astral Abyss and Beyond Existence, so be sure to catch this pair spinning their dubstep and drum-n-bass tunes during one of their two sets at Somethin’ Different.

18 Hands

18 Hands Photo credit: Kelly Waterman photo

18 Hands is a Las Vegas-based DJ and producer who is heavily influenced and inspired by kung fu and the warrior spirit. He emphasizes staying connected through all things, and his music is a direct reflection of this worldview. His fusion of glitch hop, trap, drum n’ bass, and even funk combine to make a sound that’s entirely his own. 18 Hands will be playing the main stage right after sunset on Saturday, setting the tone for a night under the stars.


A bass guitar player and electronic music producer, StrykerSteele is the project of Stryker Holland. With releases on labels like the Gradient Perspective, The Rust, and Six Star Records, this versatile musician is collecting accolades and gaining respect throughout the scene. He’s performed at notable festivals like Sonic Bloom, Submersion, and Elevation, and this will mark his second year performing at Somethin’ Different. You can find StrykerSteele playing an ethereal downtempo sunset set on Sunday at the main stage.

Honorable Mention: ADAME

Hailing from Germany, this self-described “noise creator” is one of the heavy hitters of the Somethin’ Different lineup. His tracks are high-energy, eclectic, and loaded with bass, making his 2:00 a.m. time slot at the Bass Valley stage an adventure for anybody who attends. ADAME has releases on labels including Electric Hawk, Wubaholics, and Wavecraft Collective.

Although we can’t list them all here, every artist playing at Somethin’ Different this year has something unique and beautiful to share with attendees. To catch them all and explore some of the best names in the underground scene, check out Somethin’ Different festival in Pine, Colorado from September 1-3.

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