Celebrating Six Years of Sound with The Black Box [Interview]
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Celebrating Six Years of Sound with The Black Box [Interview]

After six years, The Black Box is not only a staple in the Denver community but a beacon for bass music seen far and wide. Attracting fans and artists from across the globe, the Sub.mission team has built something incredibly unique.

For their celebration, they know no better way than to bring some of their favorite artists from across the pond to throw down for a night. On November 19, The Black Box hosts a System Music x Innamind Takeover featuring Vivek (UK), Kursk (NZ), & Hypho (UK)!

The Black Box 6th Anniversary

Sound Not Hype

Since the beginning, Sub.mission and The Black Box operate on a simple ethos, “Moving people through sound, not hype.” Remaining true to their word in 2022, the team continues to be a pillar in the bass music community six years after opening its doors.

Going from one artist on the lineup, to one night a week, to now a full calendar of performances in two unique spaces came with many challenges. However, throughout every trial and tribulation, Denver showed up to support.

With one of the most dedicated communities in the country behind them, The Black Box aims high and sets an example for independent venues near and far. Unlike popular club environments, crowds are won over by the boutique sound system and encapsulating experience of the intimate setting.

The Black Box 6th Anniversary

Consisting of Tannoy IQ tops, Funktion-One F215s for mid-range, and 8 Othorn 21″ Subs in the main room, the hybrid rig is in our opinion one of the best in the country. The lounge is treated no differently with a compact Tannoy and Othorn combination.

Bridging the Gap

What is a good sound system, without the right people at the helm? Sub.mission and The Black Box also pride themselves in keeping their ears open to the sounds of the underground. The dedicated staff keeps the ball rolling at all times.

With two spaces and shows as many as five times a week, they have a unique opportunity to provide space for artists of all walks and levels of experience. The Black Box strikes a balance not often seen in venue spaces.

Electronic Tuesdays include a weekly battle series that culminates in an Electronic Tuesdays residency at The Black Box and is also the first step in allowing talent buyers a chance to hear what you have to get booked for support slots.

On Thursdays, local crews host their freshest talent and upcoming locals in The Lounge. On the fifth Thursday of every month, the team hosts WIP Thursdays, allowing producers to sign up and hear their work in a live setting where it would be performed.

The Black Box 6th Anniversary

Any given day of the week, one of the best in the business in dubstep, drum & bass, or experimental bass music could be on the lineup. Just in recent months, we’ve seen the likes of The Glitch Mob, Luke Vibert, and Ray Keith, with the one and only Skream on the books for late this month.

Likewise, we had the opportunity to see artists who are just getting started including Player Dave, Motifv, and Chmura who we expect to see a lot more of in the near future. We’re looking forward to next year’s up-and-comers who reach the lineups, who would you like to see at The Black Box?

In the Know

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to chat with Nicole Cacciavillano and peek into the past, present, and future of The Black Box. Check it out below!

RB: The Black Box has cultivated a community of its own since its doors opened, creating a space for headliners and newcomers alike. Looking back on year one, did you think it would become the destination venue it is now?

Nicole Cacciavillano: To be honest, if it was not for the dedication of our fans The Black Box would not have even been possible. Sub.mission had cultivated the bass scene for years prior to opening and Denver’s scene was craving an intimate space, focused on sound and inclusion.

We took the risk and have been completely humbled by the experience and support thus far. It is the support and dedication from the fans that keep us motivated, so we are forever grateful for the opportunity.

The Black Box 6th Anniversary

RB: The Black Box was at the forefront of creating safe shows in the wake of the pandemic, did you learn anything from those experiences that impacted how you operate as we got back to full capacity?

Nicole: We always believed that Music heals. The love and support received during the pandemic events proved to us the truth of this statement. From a business standpoint, working in the music industry is about the constant grind and ability to be flexible and pivot at any moment.

With the Covid protocols changing weekly, sometimes daily, I feel that our team exemplified what it took to continue to create safe spaces for the Denver music fans. Moving back into full capacity, I think the team has been able to think better on their feet and handle situations with a more empathetic and patient response.

We are all very appreciative of the fact that we were able to make it through the pandemic and do not take what we do for granted.

RB: Now that we’ve had a calendar year of events since the quarantine, how does it feel to be back in full swing?

Nicole: It feels amazing! While the booking process has still been somewhat limited to National acts, and we are hopeful the Vax Mandate will be lifted soon, we feel we have been able to curate some fantastic events.

The vibe in the building has been very positive. We have had a chance to rework some of our systems and hire new staff who have all been assets to the team!

The Black Box 6th Anniversary

RB: Our community has grown rapidly in recent years, have you faced any challenges maintaining the intimate setting The Black Box is known for?

Nicole: Not at all. I think people crave the vision we stand for and the artists we bring. We book and showcase acts before they are known to the larger venues and population. That is what we are here for. There Is nothing better than watching an artist on stage doing what they love for a room full of people here for the music.

RB: We’ve seen the team step into larger events including the Sub.mish series with Mishawaka Amphitheater, are there any future goals for expanding The Black Box or stepping into larger spaces?

Nicole: Sub.mission created the dubstep scene here in this lovely state. We started Decadence, we have done Red Rocks with no plans of stopping. The Black Box is a venue dedicated to sound and music we love. The venue size is perfect for creating the vibe we want, why would we want to change that?

RB: The Black Box is also famous for its sound system and the most recent improvements took things to the next level, have you noticed an increase in interest in sound quality amongst fans?

Nicole: I think overall fans appreciate sound systems more than ever before. Our goal is to provide the ultimate audio experience to our patrons, we are constantly making improvements and working on things that help us accomplish that goal.

RB: How does it feel to finally lock in Skream for an old skool dubstep set at The Box? Any hints on who the last legend on your list is?

Nicole: Unbelievable! I booked Skream in 2009 for the first Bass Invasion. After that, he switched sounds. To be able to host him at my very own venue is a dream. I am so grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait to dance for two days straight! That last legend, hmmm well I’m working on him for April. Stay tuned!

Stay Plugged In

With a calendar full of events, the best way to keep track of shows you want to see is by following on socials!

Connect with Sub.mission + The Black Box

Sub.mission: Website | Facebook | Instagram | twitter
The black box: Website | Facebook | Instagram | twitter

Featured images via: John Verwey, C2H2, Howl Envy Media

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