Freshly Picked: Top 10 Beats of the Week - 7/29

Freshly Picked: Top 10 Beats of the Week – 7/29

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The summer is getting hotter and so are the hits. August has arrived and with it comes a batch of freshly picked tunes to warm your eardrums.

We’ve got crowds still cooling off from the Canadian escapades that took place at Shambhala while others unbuckle from the southern showdown that was Sound Haven this past weekend.

In between all of that voraciousness is a fistful of bangers that we are pleased to present you with.

10. Swedish House Mafia, Fred Again…, & Future – Turn On The Lights again

It’s not every day that you hear the names Swedish House Mafia and Future on a track together. And although it’s just a remix, this pairing is still as legendary as it sounds. We have no doubt this will be a go-to track for DJs spinning pool parties and big room-styled shows in the near future.

9. Gryffin, Blanke, & Eyelar – Colors 

As an established force in the world of melodic bass, Gryffin is demanding attention with his bright, energetic style. “Colors,” featuring Blanke and Eyelar, contains everything we love about a good melodic bass banger – emotional builds, uplifting lyrics, and soothing yet bold drops.

8. Hardwell – Lasers

After a four-year hiatus, Hardwell has reemerged from his slumber and is back to providing us with his eclectic style and trademark taste. His most recent release, “Lasers,” encapsulates everything we missed from the Dutch native over the last couple of years. We salute Hardwell for taking some time to concentrate on his mental health and we’re glad to have him back on his feet and making music again.

7. Gammer & Pixel Terror – Step Back

Gammer is a name that has been tearing up the dubstep scene for two decades now and although Pixel Terror may not be as much of a veteran of the industry, he is certainly no rookie. This high-paced track goes from 1-100 real quick and even bumps up the BPMs in the second drop which will really get your blood flowing.

6. retchs – Washed

Although he may have a limited discography, the Baltimore bass producer by the name of retchs has been slowly but steadily growing himself into an artist to pay attention to. This recent release of his, “washed,” shows signs of a sound designer steadily finding his footing while building a trademark sound that is truly his. Wash away your worries with some wubs from Retchs.

5. Blvk Sheep, FOCUSS, & JOZIE – ARRIVAL!

Intentionally uncategorizable, the latest release from LA label Bassrush features a track that you’ll be chasing from start to finish. Featuring the production arrangements of Blvk Sheep, the goosebump-inducing vocals of JOZIE, and the effortless frequencies emitted by Philadelphia’s FOCUSS, this is a track that combines elements from every end of the spectrum.

4. potions & Ruku – Collapse

This new album from Potions is a breath of fresh air. It’s clear that he has taken inspiration from his recent trials with Lab Group and combined them with his own unique taste. In “Collapse,” Ruku’s vocals come in sounding as angelic as ever. Paired with glitched out melodies and flowery rhythms, this track is something you can coast to. Don’t be shy to explore the whole album either as tracks like “Mistakes” and “Brokenzzz” carry tons of weight as well.

3. Peekaboo – Secrecy 

Fans of the bass and dubstep community are no stranger to the stylings of Peekaboo’s mastery. In his recent EP, Secrecy, it’s the title track that takes front and center. “Secrecy” combines a matrix of heavy bass, cooing synthesizers, and an eerily psychedelic vocal sample that sounds like it was taken from recordings of some sort of experiment in the 1900s.

2. Smigonaut – Infinite Trial

This past week saw Smigonaut release his Antithesis LP via New York label The Rust. The 12 song album contains bangers in every form, many of which he has been teasing over the past year during shows like Jadesgiving in Brooklyn last November and Nocturnal Funktion this past May. “Infinite Trial” being one of those IDs, this is a track you’ll want to blow out your speakers with. 

1. Mize & Conrank – Lost

This past week saw the Atlanta, Georgia producer known as Mize release his first EP of 2022. Out of the six songs he dropped, it was the collaboration with British bass provider Conrank that stuck out the most. The vocal sample – “But I’m…lost. I cannot find my way,” pairs perfectly with the first drop which introduces the track in the most boisterous of manners. The whole song thumps but it’s that first drop that does it for me and makes this my #1 release from this past week.

Stay tuned for our now monthly* series that features the top tracks from each month. 

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