8 Can't-Miss Artists at Fire Lights Festival

8 Can’t-Miss Artists at Fire Lights Festival

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Year after year, Fire Lights has proved its intention to build and innovate. Stepping it up in the production department, logistics, lineup, and overall allure, this independent festival continues to provide reasons to make the trip to upstate New York.

This year, for the third iteration of Fire Lights Festival, we are staring down the barrel of their largest and most loaded lineup yet. With so many decisions regarding who to see, we decided to take a closer look at a couple of acts that we consider can’t-miss artists.



As one of our most anticipated headliners at Fire Lights this year, Supertask stands in an unparalleled pocket of downtempo, atmospheric, and highly experimental bass music that can’t compare to anyone else on this lineup. Most recently, Supertask gave way to a collaboration EP with Seeded Vision titled Edge Detection that sheds light on an artist keen on expanding his sound and pushing the boundaries of his project. River Beats was lucky enough to catch up with the Austin-based artist in a recent interview where you can find out what he’s got going on lately.

Thought Process

thought process

As one of River Beats’ Breakout Artists of 2023, Thought Process is without a doubt one of the most coveted names set to grace the stage at Fire Lights this year. His appearance alongside Pretty Lights last year, an artist who he emanates in large quantities, affirmed that the work he’s been putting in is finally coming to a head. Aside from that high-profile performance, the all.Lo collective co-founder has been tearing it up on the ‘Trust The Process’ tour which consists of various supporting slots alongside Opiuo and several headlining slots. The time has come for Thought Process to take his throne as the prince of electro-soul.



Out of all the releases from this year, it would have to be Smigonaut’s ‘2024 Minimix’ that’s struck me the most profoundly. 20 minutes of exquisite sound design, masterful storytelling, and flavors of every variety, the mix underscores the heights that Smigonaut has taken his project. Out of the studio and on the live stage, Smigonaut has flexed systems from Suwannee to Kings Theatre with chiseled provisions of exotic bass music and low-end electronica. With lots of new music on the horizon, expect plenty of massive plates from the palms of Smigonaut.




We love KEOTA for so many reasons, and his aggressive approach to bass music is just one of them. Experimented and refined upon over the years, KEOTA’s trademark sound can shake the paint off your walls. Much like Smigonuat, the Denver-based artist’s production methods are infallible and he is regarded as one of the most astute sound designers in the industry. Lauded as an instructor, loved as a performer, and loaded with limitless prowess, KEOTA is a can’t-miss this year.

Entangled Mind

entangled mind

A River Beats favorite, Entangled Mind sweeps across several spectrums within the underground bass realm. Recent work, such as the Lucid Living LP, underscores their limitless potential in the studio while recent performances, such as one at Tenorless’ Hypnotic Theatre, exemplify an artist who can deliver on any platform. Capable of providing several different moods and emotions with their music, there is no telling what they might weave together when they touch down in Sherman, New York this August.



Humandala is an artist who I’ve had the privilege of seeing on multiple occasions, each time better than the last. Most recently, I caught the Novel Destinations producer ripping a part a HSD x Funktion-One sound system in Baltimore with a massive crew. In 2024, Humandala has touched down at festivals like Resonate and Summer Sequence with performances alongside massive acts like BoggDogg, Alejo, and COPYCATT. To get a better taste of what you can expect when Fire Lights roll around, we would point you in the direction of his Tipper and Friends mix or the banger below.

Tree Gaud

tree gaud

One of the more underground acts on this list, Tree Gaud, has been starting to carve up his own space in the weird and wonky world of experimental bass music. At the end of 2023, fans were treated to the second edition of the Garden of the Gauds mix series, a release that further ushered the Denver artist into the ears of low-end lovers across the industry. Expect Tree Gaud to lay down a nuanced set flush with hard-hitting hip-hop samples and deep cuts throughout.

Gunnar Nash

gunnar nash

Last but certainly not least, we have Maryland producer and DJ Gunnar Nash. Honing his craft and dialing in a sound that his truly his own has led to Nash being noticed by fans across the map. While he draws influences from a wide range of artists he has doubled down on a routine that includes crushing dubstep, aggressive trap, and paralyzing bass music. Most recently, Nash performed with an all-star cast that included Supertask and Artifakts at Baltimore’s Soundstage. Seeing him perform alongside such established acts further emphasized that the attention he is getting is well deserved.

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