Papadosio and Friends Set to Ring in Solstice with Summer Sequence at Wonderland Forest (Event Preview)

Papadosio and Friends Set to Ring in Solstice with Summer Sequence at Wonderland Forest (Event Preview)

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Can you feel it? The sun is out, summer’s fun-loving face unmasked at last, and Papadosio is here to herald the season with the next installment of their solstice celebration, Summer Sequence, a full-scale weekend festival of music, camping, art, and more, at Wonderland Forest in LaFayette, New York.

From Earth Night to Resonance, Papadosio has been the host of numerous traditions cherished by a family of fans over their illustrious career. Since its inception in 2017, Summer Sequence has gone through multiple iterations, surviving the pandemic, shifting form, and expanding into what it is today.

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The past two years saw the success of two- and three-day functions held at Salvage Station and featured artists like Infected Mushroom, Desert Dwellers, Somatoast, and 5AM Trio, to name a few. 

With this next expansion, Papadosio has decided to move the event from their home base in the Blue Ridge Mountains, settling into the majestic Finger Lakes Region of New York, complete with a line-up sure to turn heads.

Phase One

With two headlining sets from Papadosio, two sets from psy-dub legend Ott, a sonic meal served by neuro chef Somatoast, and a rollercoaster ride conducted by psychedelic ringmaster, Supersillyus, this Summer Sequence is set to be a momentous example of that rare occasion where the event is both comfortably intimate and stacked with a selection of sounds to blow everyone’s minds. And that’s not even mentioning the savory slew of artists that make up the lines below.



Fresh off the release of their most recent EP, Improvisations with Ram Dass, five experimental tracks building off insightful samples of the noted Western guru, and 2023’s full-length album, To Live A Making, the members of five-piece prog rock livetronica outfit Papadosio continue to prove themselves each year an evolutionary quintet operating at the peak confluence of their diverse musical sensibilities.

Few bands are able to plunge to the depths Papadosio can in the conversational spontaneity of their live shows. Defying standard genres with thought-provoking lyrics and instrumentation ranging from sweet, dreamy craft to technical storms of mad scientist improvisation, combined with the visual wizardry of art and lighting director Dustin Klein, you can expect both sets to run the gamut of human emotion.


Known for his groundbreaking work in the psy-dub genre and collaborative work with Simon Posford, British producer Ott is a master builder of wubby extraterrestrial soundscapes, a giant in the electronic scene for 20 years.

In 2022, Ott released Heads, his first album since 2015’s Fairchildren. After a short hiatus of American touring, he pounced back on the scene with shows around the country and a fresh vibe that still holds true to his revered roots. If you were fortunate enough to catch one of his recent dates, you know two nights of Ott main stage in the woods are exactly what the doctor ordered.


Returning to the Summer Sequence line-up is psybient/neuro producer and fellow Ashevillian Somatoast. Last year marked the 10-year anniversary of the Somatoast project, celebrated with the release of Mythology, a “seamless ambient journey” mixing unreleased material with VIPs of familiar favorites.

This year Somatoast has been an absolute menace both inside and out of the studio. Cue the flip to fire: From headline sets like Hypnotic Theatre to his prime slot before Tipper at Texas Eclipse, Somatoast has been sneaking live bangers from his unreleased uptempo album (stay tuned!) into the ears of eager fans, so you know there will be plenty of IDs to pump this set full of proper twists and turns.


If you’ve seen him live, you already know: Supersillyus is an experience like no other. While he often draws comparisons to the mind-boggling psy-variant tradition of Shpongle, this one-man carnival has taken this funhouse sound on a loaded rocket into new territory: pure playful, zany, carefully crafted, psychedelic mania.

If you’re unfamiliar, make sure to dive into his most recent release, Imaginary Friends. As Thompson said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride,” and this is one ride you will not want to miss.

And More!

Phase One also featured a diverse list of renowned and rising experimental bass acts: Entangled Mind, Benji Robot, Cualli, Humandala, Eos, and Hoopla. Each of these artists have been carving out their unique slots over the last few years in genres ranging from downtempo demons to full-blown bangers.

On the jammier, livetronica side, fans will find funky dance sets from Solar Circuit, Microcave, and Syracuse locals Vaporeyes, while falling somewhere in between the two musical worlds, we have Six Starr’s 3420, an instrumental bass trio from Denver with a chunky bounce that blends improvisation with a dirty dose of electronic dance music reminiscent of bands like lespecial and 5AM Trio.

Phase Two

With the phase two announcement, we were gifted with the surprise of a modular journey set from Earthcry, the inimitable side project of Papadosio’s Anthony Thogmartin.

The second phase also saw the announcement of two takeovers. For the night owls trying to get down into the morning hours, Foresee Collective, a hip-hop-focused bass collective, will be holding down the late night scene Friday with a surprise sound system and visuals from Lunar Light Project.

On Saturday, the after-midnight vibe will be orchestrated by New England collective Soundz OrGanic, with projections from The Paplin and DayDreemer. Known originally for first-rate functions, Soundz OrGanic has evolved into a formidable label with a stacked roster. Fingers crossed they have their Funktion One x HSD system set up to bring this magical weekend to a proper close.

The Grounds

Aside from a loaded line-up, what makes this year particularly special is the shift to a new venue, Wonderland Forest. Not only new to Summer Sequence attendees, this venue is new to the world.

Located on 300 acres of lush forest and pristine pastoral hills with vistas overlooking New York’s Apple Valley, just east of the famous Finger Lakes, Wonderland Forest opened as a campground in 2021. By last year, they were hosting festivals like Tumbledown and Biscoland to wide acclaim. This weekend marks the first mainly electronic event to grace the stages of this hidden gem.

Before the music starts, you can spend your morning exploring the beautiful network of hiking trails weaving throughout the property that lead to crystalline waterfalls and secluded swimming spots like Blue Hole and Rattlesnake Gulf.  River Beats has heard nothing but five-star reviews from all who have attended these grounds so far, and we can’t wait to see the forest come to life ourselves.

Photo by Matt Champlin

And if camping’s not your thing, Syracuse is just 20 minutes away with plenty of cozy options to nestle into a soft bed, turn up the A/C, and catch up on rest. Just a short Uber ride away from the regional airport, this location also makes it ideal for any travelers who wish to fly instead of drive.

More to Come…

With vendors and schedule times still unannounced, and live painter/workshop applications still open, you can expect plenty of exciting surprises soon to be unveiled. Follow the links below to keep up with everything you need to know.

The date is getting close and tickets are moving fast, so be sure to grab yours here today to secure your spot as an active part in what is sure to be a historic weekend of music and fun.

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