Needle To The Brain - Humandala Completes Inoculation EP + Interview

Needle To The Brain – Humandala Completes Inoculation EP + Interview

Written by Greg Glassman. Humandala joins BoggDogg on Feb 16 at Cervantes. Grab your tickets HERE.

Now, before you get all “needle-in-the-brain” freaked out, let me assure you, this inoculation is strictly auditory and way more likely to leave you grooving than grimacing. Think of it as an injection of pure, unadulterated musical genius, a sonic shot against the monotony of everyday life.

Humandala, started crafting this potion pre-Covid, but don’t let that fool you. This ain’t your grandma’s dusty vinyl collection. “Inoculation” is a wild, unpredictable journey through sound, a testament to the artist’s relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and, well, let’s be honest, probably breaking a few along the way.

Let’s dive into the creative process, and what exactly goes on in the mind of a man who spends years on just a few choice tracks.

River Beats: Now that the final two songs of your latest body of work are released. How would you describe it? Did you uncover any hidden landscapes with your musical production during the process? Did anything surprise or challenge you?


Humandala: “The Inoculation EP is a body of music that I started writing during Covid. With no deadlines in sight and an unclear future, I gave myself an unlimited amount of time to work on these tunes. The whole thing ended up becoming one huge experiment in the production process. I knew that I wanted to explore what makes bass music energetic and how to bring a certain ferocity into the material. As I dove deep into that goal, I started to uncover what that meant to me and learned how to infuse those elements with my naturally goofy side. How I could make a bass go brrrr and still keep things playful, maybe a little silly?

I feel like throughout the process I just leveled up my craft on all fronts: sound design, arrangement, mixing, and how to play with energy throughout the length of a tune. Mixing was by far the most challenging part of the process. It was a steep learning curve. The material came quickly enough but it took me years to get these tunes sounding the way that I wanted them to come out of a speaker.

To be honest, I was completely overcomplicating it. Being self-taught, I tried everything in the book, only to find that the most simple approach yields the best results. But I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything because that intense trial and error strengthened my command of all the tools in my toolbox.”

RB: Considering the title “Humandala,” which represents the interconnectedness of all things. What role does collaboration play in your creative process? Do you find inspiration and growth in working with other artists or disciplines?


H: “I’m looking forward to doing a lot more collaboration in the future. The collab “Topknot” on the EP was by far the most painless song to put together. I think there was a certain level of detachment that let that song flow out very naturally. I didn’t have this attachment where it felt like my baby. The seed of the song was sent as a short loop. When I got to work on it I was like “What can I do?” rather than “What can I create?”

Like any craft production is an opportunity to explore yourself, to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. Working with others allows you to explore that from a completely different angle. It sheds some light on the greater picture.

In the future, I would like to collaborate on a total audio-visual experience. I’m inspired by cinema and theater and would love to find my role in a large-scale production. What artists like Amon Tobin, G Jones, Shpongle, Koan Sound, and Infected Mushroom have done. Gotta dream big.”

RB: The Denver show on February 16th promises to be a unique live experience. Can you give us a sneak peek into what fans can expect?


H: plan on bringing out a thick arsenal of new tunes, a bunch of IDs I haven’t played in Denver as well as a few that are still hot off the press. I have a new flip that I’m ecstatic about. I don’t do a lot of flips but I feel like this one’s a real gunslinger.

RB: If you are like me I always need to have something on the burner. Is there a new creative project already stirring on the horizon for Humandala? Can you offer a glimpse into what the future might hold, musically or artistically?


Humandala: I certainly have a plethora of music on the burner. Right now I have 2 full-length albums in the works. One is kind of like the evolution of the Inoculation EP. It’s a collection of stinky bangers. More energy, more interesting sound design, better mixes, but simplified and made potent.

The other album is something special to me. It’s way more emotive and draws from deep interpersonal experiences.  It’s the statement I want to make musically. I have most of the songs compiled, but I’m not trying to rush it. I want to let it mature naturally. I can only write it as life presents me with the proper inspiration. I will say that it is a departure from halftime.

A Grilled Cheese and a Taco are in a fight. Who do you think would win?

All-American Grilled Cheese comes prepared evoking its 2nd amendment rights, however, Taco is greasy and nasty with a blade. My money is on Taco.”

We conclude our exploration into the world of Humandala. “Inoculation” stands as a testament to his ability to push boundaries and his unrelenting pursuit of artistic growth. While the journey wasn’t without its challenges, Humandala embraced every obstacle as a learning opportunity, ultimately honing his craft and producing his most polished and cohesive body of work to date.

This EP is an experience to be absorbed. Each track unfolds adding intricate details and unexpected twists. It invites the listener on a journey of discovery, challenging preconceived notions and expanding the boundaries of musical expression. So, take a deep breath, dive into the soundscape Humandala has crafted, and allow yourself to DREAM BIG and be “Inoculated”.

Written by Greg Glassman. Humandala joins BoggDogg on Feb 16 at Cervantes. Grab your tickets HERE.

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