Qualia Collective Unleashes Second Compilation Ahead of SHIFT Thursday Takeover

Qualia Collective Unleashes Second Compilation Ahead of SHIFT Thursday Takeover


In the realm of underground music, where authenticity and innovation reign supreme, discovering a forward-thinking collective that not only curates exceptional art but also cultivates a distinct ambiance is a rare gem. Qualia stands as such a sanctuary—a space where the fusion of experimental electronic vibes and urban grit creates an “extra-auditory” experience.

The allure of Qualia Compilation 2 lies in the mastery of atmospheric rhythm. We are all Qualia’s Valentine with this gorgeous mixtape. Each track unfolds as a self-contained universe, skillfully designed to evoke a spectrum of emotions and transport listeners to unfamiliar realms. Creative and boundless, these tracks are both hard-hitting and thought-provoking. From the breathtaking auditory harmonies of Ooga’s “Apnea” to the gritty vibes of Nyquist and shwiLLy’s “Side Quest,” the compilation is a decorated body of work.

Track Breakdown

“Apnea” Immerses listeners in moments of sonic harmony that seem to pull the listener into an immersive experience where music becomes the very air they breathe. Following suit is “Side Quest” by Nyquist and shwiLLy, a trippy amalgamation of urban-gangsta vibes and drippy vocals.


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As the compilation progresses, the diversity of tonalities becomes apparent. Hobi’s “Mixed Signals” hits hard with ripping bass lines and a galloping backbeat. Layered on top, we have beckoning delicate melodies weaving seamlessly amidst thick basslines and harmonies.


Yoko’s “Y-Axis” emerges as a personal delight, seamlessly blending cultural influences with mesmerizing sounds and entrancing listeners with its myriad of colorful on-hood auras and otherworldly dimensions. It’s a testament to Yoko’s creative prowess and ability to craft a truly captivating auditory journey.

The compilation reaches its apex with a collaborative masterpiece featuring Chumra, Lowcation, Phurn, and Saturna’s joint effort, “Memories.” It serves as a fitting conclusion to a collection that celebrates the diversity of underground music.


This track encapsulates the essence of Qualia Collective— all of the ethereal, yet substantial. Subtle, yet beautiful and mindfully intense.

Here is what they had to say about the formation of the compilation.

We hit up the homies and started pooling tunes. We all pitch suggestions — brand new artists and seasoned ones alike. We look for that natural, swaggy, ethereal, “Qualia” type sound that you can find in all of us to varying degrees. Then we just look for fresh new ideas, ones that feel unique and inspire us; dancefloor tunes, moody downtempo, whatever it might be. The goal is to make it a journey; different rhythms, emotions, and energies, yet cohesive and balanced.

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Qualia Showcase at SHIFT Thursdays

For those eager to experience the magic firsthand, Qualia Collective is presenting a showcase at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colorado, on February 29th, 2024 for SHIFT Thursdays. The night will feature DAGGZ, Lowcation, Saturna, Phurn, and Comisar. It promises to be an unforgettable night filled with the best of what the collective has to offer.

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Grab tickets to the event here and keep up with everything Qualia has going on in the links below.

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