Comisar Curates a Ride Through Realities With New EP “Vision Realms”

Comisar Curates a Ride Through Realities With New EP “Vision Realms”


Distinguishing your project from the rest can be challenging right now in the electronic music scene. In a sea full of recycled sounds and ideas, setting yourself apart from the rest can pose a challenge to some. Ideally, you want to create art for you and to share it with others. Not to create it for others. Chris Comisar has taken this route and organically gained quite a following doing so.

Originally from Ohio, Comisar now resides in Fort Collins, CO where he continues to push boundaries. Influenced by the sounds of nature and known for his ability to create euphoric soundscapes, Comisar is carefully able to remove you from your mental surroundings and into his creations. First making his mark 5 years ago with his remix to CloZee’s “Secret Place”, we knew it would only be up from there.

This year has seen quite a bit from the “Looking Inward” artist. In addition to playing a plethora of significant sets at the likes of Sonic Bloom, The Untz, The Black Box, and even the San Francisco Pretty Lights afterparty, Comisar has also certainly not shorted us on music.

2023 saw the release of his “4K All Original Mix”, “Control” with Daggz, “Fractal Gate” with DreamLake, and a new Waxcat track titled “Sunshine”. With his last lengthy release, “Fresh Perspective”, dropping just a little over a year ago, we now receive his latest in the carefully crafted environment through sound, “Vision Realms”.

“Vision Realms” is a 4 track EP released with Wormhole Music Group. It’s full of perspective and emotion, checking every box that we’re used to when it comes to Comisar. The Ohio native never fails to give us more than just music.

You get an experience. Every track provides its own landscape which helps set a specific tone and a heartfelt scene. Comisar’s use of vocal samples and breezy melodies over gritty basslines just hit you right in the imagination.

“Things Unseen” creeps in slowly with a daunting intro. It’s accompanied by a vocal sample where at one point we can hear someone say “..for faith is the belief in the reality of things unseen…” The adventure that ensues shortly thereafter can only be compared to a hike through a dimly lit and misty forest. The lighthearted melody helps guide you through the dark sub-bass all while they work together to maintain a serene and faithful, yet dark feeling.

The next track on the EP is titled “Do You Know It.” We’re greeted quickly by the sound of rain. Time is not wasted, and the bassline is dropped almost immediately after. Upping the energy a notch in this one, Comisar lays down some more psychedelic soundscapes while the low end stays punching. This one is sure to take you on a weird and wonderful trip every time.

Next up we have “Encounter,” the 2nd of two singles from the EP. An eerie intro containing a blend of short, sweet chords and careful vocal layering slowly develops into a slow burn of emotional perspective. Right around the halfway mark the pace changes almost entirely with a cool-down period of ambiance. “Let go of the anticipations, the expectations…” “…let it all go” is heard as we’re revisited by a deep bassline of relief where you truly feel that you can let go.

Finishing off this incredible EP is “Swerve,” the first single released from the project. Bursting with texture, energy, some more vocal cuts, and that signature deep bass, “Swerve,” sets itself apart. Like many other tracks in his catalog, this one keeps you guessing at every corner. It’s a high-speed drive through dark city streets that makes you feel invincible. “Swerve” is a ride worth coming back to time and time again.


While 2023 is coming to a close sooner than later, we’re still set to see some more from the “Vision Realms” producer. He is currently in the middle of his Fall/Early Winter tour with fellow Wormhole labelmate, Secret Recipe. You can catch their last show of the year at Area 15 in Las Vegas on December 2nd.

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