New School Tastemakers Bread Winner and Ooga Scope The Black Box as Next Target (Event Preview)

New School Tastemakers Bread Winner and Ooga Scope The Black Box as Next Target (Event Preview)

bread winner and ooga

When it comes to venues in Denver, few compare to the status and allure of The Black Box. Over the past 7 years, The Black Box has established a proving ground for flourishing young artists to make a name for themselves while also hosting several big-name acts along the way.

One of the best parts about The Black Box, and Sub.mission – the label that runs the venue, is the fact that they’ve created a space where sounds of every variety can be appreciated.

This Friday, December 8th, The Black Box furthers this sonic voyage of theirs with a boisterous lineup including acts from, what we are calling, the “New School” of left-field bass music.

bread winner

Denver local and TNF alumnus Bread Winner will be joining the California spitfire known as Ooga for a meltdown of speaker-throttling basslines and fresh-baked beatmaking. Supporting the co-headliners are two more players coming out of the New School, BackLeft and Kizer, who are itching to make their presence felt on this momentous occasion.

Here is a little more information on each of the acts, including a special guest VJ, and all the reasons why The Black Box on December 8th is a date you simply cannot miss.

Bread Winner

bread winner

Exploding out the box in the bass-saturated scene of Denver, Colorado is none other than Bread Winner. A beat alchemist by heart, a lot of Bread Winner’s tracks rise and fall from areas you wouldn’t expect. Lo-fi instrumentation, adventurous vocals, otherworldly sampling, and velvety sound design coat the vast layers of Bread Winner’s unique ethos.

These elements are most apparent in his most recent body of work and debut LP, Off The Record. The 10-track album accomplishes what Bread Winner does best; he surprises, and with captivating elegance too.

The show at The Black Box will be Bread Winner’s last of 2023, a year that included appearances at Infrasound, Tipper and Friends, Fire Lights, Somethin’ Different, and more.



When it comes to lighting a fire, Ooga is dynamite soaked in gasoline. His stage presence is nothing short of explosive and he’s got the tracklist to back it up. Combining heavy bass work with original compositions, including those from his own guitar, Ooga harnesses a sound that is truly his own.

The What Makes It Work EP released earlier this year is what got the attention of fans across the scene but it’s recent works such as the Caveman EP that retained it. Production skills aside, Ooga has been heavily sought after for his high-octane performances.

He has played alongside the likes of Mickman, Cool Customer, and COPYCATT with appearances at festivals like Infrasound, The Untz, Lightning In a Bottle, and more. Following his appearance at The Black Box, Ooga will touch down in Asheville and Minneapolis for his last two shows of the year, the latter of which is a supporting slot for Resonant Language.



Heading up direct support for the night is Denver local BackLeft. BackLeft has been on the River Beats radar for some time now, even making an appearance at one of our curated events at The Deep this past summer with VCTRE.

What we love the most about the BackLeft project is his ability to pair ominous frequencies with chiseled bass design in a way that grows and mutates. Every production he creates provides another clue, another piece of the puzzle to the transformative dreamscapes held within his mind.

His narrative tendencies persist both in the studio and on the stage, so you can bet that his slot at The Black Box on 12/8 will leave you levitating.



Opening up the night’s festivities is Kizer. In recent examination of Kizer’s Ultra Moves EP, we discovered an artist with several new tricks up his sleeve. His production moves with the ebb and flow of fleeting emotions yet remains buoyant like an unsinkable ship in a hurricane.

Recent moves have led us to believe that the Kizer project is undergoing a transformation into its next genesis, chapters of which will surely be unveiled come Friday at The Black Box.


Finally, we’ve got our pixel provider for the night, Seity. Blending the realms of abstraction and surrealism, this is one artist known for his attention to detail. Every projection cast and animation spun is presented with nothing but bountiful colors and cascading geometry. His designs are simply of another reality, perfect for the obscurities and enigmatic provisions that will be played out on this fateful night.


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See You There

The enormous talent that is in tow at The Black Box is just one of the reasons to be in attendance for the show.

The community that frequents the Denver venue is truly one of a kind. Even when you find yourself among strangers, it is easy to feel at home at The Black Box.

Grab tickets to the event here and make sure to keep up with everything these artists have going on in the links below.

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