Good Productions Taps Baltimore Creation Chamber for NYE Extravaganza (Event Preview)

Good Productions Taps Baltimore Creation Chamber for NYE Extravaganza (Event Preview)

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There is no shortage of warehouses in Baltimore. Some hold secrets, others possess cargo, but a whole bunch of them are just sitting there – empty.

One particular facility, that sits near Baltimore Soundstage, is taking on a different purpose. Discovered by artists who founded Creative Labs, one destination in Baltimore City has been transformed into a chamber of art, music, and creative exploration.


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The newly christened warehouse, dubbed Lost n Found, has only hosted a few events thus far but plans on expanding its horizons with a New Year’s Eve event headed by the fine folks at Good Productions.

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Who Are Good Productions and What Makes Them Great?

Founded by Nathalie Werebe and Sol Bowden in 2019, Good Productions seeks to bring something different to the Baltimore music scene. When curating events, they aim to create a “mini-festival atmosphere” with high-quality production, fun activities, multiple spaces to explore, safe spaces, and trained harm reduction staff on site.

Above all else, Good Productions looks to build a community where people come to shows not just for headliners, but because they know they will be surrounded by friends both new and old. Just this past November, they presented their second annual festival, Autumn Revival, alongside Rhythm City Collective and Kouch Kollective which debuted with flying colors.

Check out a review of the fest by our good friend Dan Warren over at Heard It Here First.

Why You Should Attend Lost n Found NYE

While the lineup isn’t at the helm of this novelty event, it does boast an impressive cast.

At the top of the bill we have Sol Good, a DMV local who has played alongside the likes of LSDream and G-Space with festival appearances at Sound Haven, Yonderville, The Untz, and more. His bold, bass-layered sonic style asserts itself with dominance yet retains a gentle glazing only noticed by the most astute listener.

Another notable act on the lineup is the debut of CATA-PILLA, formerly known as BiNAURAL. I first discovered BiNAURAL a few years back when I came across a devious little number titled, “jellypheesh.” 

The track both floats and stings with profound nature that will make you want to test the limits of your speakers. Another track of BiNAURAL, “Do It Again,” does the same trick.

While I’m a fan of the BiNAURAL project, no waves have been made from the CATA-PILLA platforms as of yet. However, in conversation with the artist, he claims that the project will tread in the areas of DNB and higher tempo arrangements.

One last name I’m excited to check out is the stylings of [soupoftheday].

Also a DMV local, this artist has just begun to make some noise within the scene. He recently performed on the rooftop of Flash for a Khiva headliner and stirred the pockets of that early crowd with rousting allure.

While he is primarily a DJ with no original releases, his setlists boast some incredibly provocative plates ranging from the most shadowed realms of deep dub to the old-school fathoms of UK DNB.

Opening up the festivities for the night, this set is not one to miss.

Ring In the New Year Right

Anyone who has attended a Good Productions or Frick Frack Blackjack event knows how well they get a party started. In addition to food and beverages, which include hamburgers, hotdogs, and vegan options, there will also be plenty of places to lounge and activities to engage with.

Even Mario Kart will be available for those looking to get their game on!

mario kart

Grab tickets for the event here and head over to the links below to learn more about the colorful characters set to host this extravagant NYE event.

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