Liquid Stranger's 'Gunslinger' is Pure Freeform Bass [Listen]

Liquid Stranger’s ‘Gunslinger’ is Pure Freeform Bass [Listen]

What a year for those Wakaan boys. One drop seems to follow the next every week like dominoes packed with C4. With huge releases from Esseks, LSDream, Luzcid, Peekaboo and Champagne Drip keeping us busy, it’s been a minute since we’ve heard a solo single from Wakaan’s founder, Liquid Stranger.

Gunslinger shows the bizarre, wonderful sound design that makes Martin Staaf one of the best at what he does. It’s brittle, dangerous, and tough as nails.

Over breaks of coiling synths and rippling snares, MC Pistol jumps in at just the right time to declare he’ll “take you out with one finger” and “blackout your power grid.” Bleep Bloop, Space Jesus, Shlump and Liquid Stranger especially are masters of having just the right rapper punch to give their tracks the alien gangster quality they deserve. This one’s no different.

Liquid Stranger is sitting on a devious amount of unreleased music, some teased in his Sounds of Wakaan Vol. 2 mix from early this year. While we search high and low for any news of a proper Wakaan festival, we’re going to snatch up any release from the weird bass maven with eager anticipation.

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