PEEKABOO Gives Inside Look on What it was like Working with Bassnectar
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PEEKABOO Gives Inside Look on What it was like Working with Bassnectar

PEEKABOO caught the attention of many fans after Bassnectar played his track, ‘Wobbly’ during his Electric Forest 2017 set. Later on this year, Bassnectar released a song with PEEKABOO titled, “Disrupt the System”. The release is rapidly gaining traction for the newer artist, highlighting his interesting mix of trap and dubstep.

We got to chat with the breakout producer, PEEKABOO about his roots and what it was like working on a track with Bassnectar.

What got you into producing music?

PEEKABOO: “I come from a musical family, so I’ve always been into music. My dad is a professional trumpet player for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, so I’ve always been around music. Eventually, I started playing the trumpet and guitar too. I think I was a freshman in high school when I first heard the song “Kill Everybody” by Skrillex. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on electronic music and that’s what directed me to start trying to produce it.”

What swayed you to pick the genre that you produce?

“I’ve produced everything from progressive house to DNB, but I recently started figuring out what my sound is, and I still am. I come from Michigan which has a big bass music scene, which was a huge influence for me. I was going to school at Western Michigan University for audio engineering for a while to pursue horror film composition, so then I decided to incorporate both into my music! It’s been really enjoyable figuring out my sound and what I want to make.”

You stated on Reddit that your track “Wobbly” caught the attention of Bassnectar – How did you find out that he liked your music?

“Yes! It was so surreal. Someone sent him ‘Wobbly’ in his promo, he said he went through 10GB of songs and was hooked when he stumbled across mine!

Then he reached out to me by email to express his love for the track. A couple weeks later I found out he dropped the song at Electric Forest and my mind was blown! Before that, the song had a few thousand plays. After Electric Forest happened, I saw the track surpass 10,000 plays, then 20,000 plays, and so on. He played it out in pretty much every set of his throughout the summer, which I’m still super grateful about to this day.”

How was mixing your style of producing and Lorin’s together for the track “Disrupt the System”?

“It was so easy. We have a very similar workflow in my opinion in regards to how we do things and how we envision the end product. We wanted to make something similar to my track ‘Wobbly’, but with an even harder melody and just a completely different feel. It was a smooth process and we are so proud of what we were able to make.”

You tweeted about cleaning the bathrooms at your day job and reading all the positive comments on your track – Tell me about the feelings you felt when the song dropped to now.

“Haha, I’m glad you caught that tweet! During the finalization process before it dropped, I was extremely nervous!

Hopping on a track with a guy who has one of the most loyal fan bases in the industry was scary at first.

I always questioned whether or not they were going to like it. In the end, I didn’t worry about it because Lorin and I loved what we made and I believe that’s what really matters most. I was so relieved when it finally dropped though. It’s been incredibly exciting to see the track do really well, and hear the responses from people digging it.”

Who would you like to collab with next?

“I really want to collaborate with more rappers. I want to branch out and work with them because I love producing beats and want to experiment with it more. As far as the electronic music side goes, it’s really too hard for me to pick someone.”

Will you be putting out any new music in the upcoming future and/or touring with anyone?

“I have a lot of new music currently in the works that will really show people what I can do. I’ve got a collaboration with sfam who are absolutely killing it right now. I also have a track I’m working on with Wevor Trill that just has this dark vibe to it. When he sent me the idea for the song, I hadn’t heard anything like it before. It’s hard to describe.

As far as shows go, the only show I have lined up so far is Warped Horizon on NYE in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m absolutely stoked for the opportunity to play alongside artists like G Jones and EPROM.”

With such an interesting sound, be sure to be on the lookout for new music from PEEKABOO. We’re excited to hear what’s next after “Disrupt the System”.

Stay up to date with PEEKABOO here.

Written by Chandler Mihalik

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