Greyhat and Weird Inside Collaborate on New Track 'Memories of Martina' [Interview/Listen]

Greyhat and Weird Inside Collaborate on New Track ‘Memories of Martina’ [Interview/Listen]

The most exciting music is often the music you least expect to hear, as it opens your mind to explore new melodies and rhythms overlapping in peculiar ways. Greyhat and weird inside have been pushing those boundaries with their craft from the get-go, often releasing music that is outside any defined genre.

Greyhat, based out of Maine, started releasing music around 2012, and eventually released the song Glider through ODESZA’s label Foreign Family Collective in 2015. Since then, Greyhat has released music through San Holo‘s label, Bitbird, and released his debut album “Tens” in 2019.

weird inside, based out of New Jersey, is both a musician and an animator. He started releasing music 5 years ago, and has gained a sizable following since. weird inside has released a string of singles and EP’s that have certainly turned heads.

“Memories of Martina” fuses Greyhat’s ability to incorporate unfamiliar sound design with weird inside’s ability to create soft, heady beats. Each listen provides another distinct sound to focus on, which is a characteristic that both artists are able to carry in their music.

Give our interview with both Greyhat and weird inside a read before giving “Memories of Martina” a listen.

RB: What was the creative process behind Memories of Martina?

Greyhat: “The process of writing my part was so natural. Ani [weird inside] sent me the song just to show me what he was working on, and I think I listened to it 10x that night. The next day I asked him if I could record vocals for the intro because I knew the rest of the song didn’t need anything more. So I recorded one take with scratch lyrics, and that’s the version we ended up going with. We thought about writing and recording more clear lyrics, but when we tried, it just didn’t have the same raw emotion that the scratch vocals did.”

weird inside: “So I made this short demo idea called “martina” about three years ago. I sat on it for a while; couldn’t structure it properly and kind of left it alone. I revisited it this April, stripped it down and added a bunch of elements to it, and sent it to Mike [Greyhat] who loved it and immediately added more stuff, including the vocals. Were it not for Mike, I probably would not have released it.”

“The song was originally inspired by a friend of mine who I had lost touch with.”

weird inside

Were you trying to convey anything specific through the track?

wi: “The feeling of being good friends with someone, losing touch with them, and remembering them. The remembering part is what the song is about.”

You have a knack for creating really soft, heady beats. Do you feel like you have found your sound or is it still a work in progress?

wi: “Damn that’s a tricky one… I’d say every time I create a larger project like this, it’s because I’ve fallen into natural tendencies that work comfortably for me and I’m trying to reach the center of that comfort one. That said, it is definitely a work in progress and always will be because the moment I realize I’ve gotten comfortable, I try as hard as I can to break away from that.”

Your album “point in time” drops in a little over a week, Is there anything you want people to know about it?

wi: “I think one thing I want people to know is my goal for it – I wanted to make something that everyone could relate to, and each song is significant in a different light, but part of a whole life, kind of like little memoirs. It is not super specific by any means and it’s meant to be that way, the listener makes it theirs.”

Listen to the track below.

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