Greyhat Releases Experimental Debut Album 'Tens' [Listen]

Greyhat Releases Experimental Debut Album 'Tens' [Listen]

Seldom do Artists attempt to push the boundaries of music as we know it. Greyhat reminds us that music is an art form designed for experimentation. By laying the groundwork with distinctive chord choices which are accompanied by sporadic sounds; somehow, all the sounds come together to create something so pleasing and unique there is nothing quite like it.

Greyhat was first noticed by powerhouse duo, ODESZA, releasing the song Glider as on their label, Foreign Family Collective. After flying under the radar for some time, Greyhat released For U and I, on San Holo’s label, bitbird.

Since then, Greyhat has continued to release experimental track and track. Staying true to his sound and never compromising his experimentation in search of fame or commercialism.


Tens is a compilation of singles that Greyhat has released over the years that were pulled off of SoundCloud after some time. Thankfully the release of Tens is a reintroduction for some and brand new music for many.


The opening song “Powerline,” reels the listener in immediately with its distinctive sounds and rhythmic bassline. This track highlights all of Greyhat’s strengths from cohesive mixing, to pleasing sound design. The progression of the track, while structured, keeps the listener on their toes, as the sounds come in at seemingly random times.


For those who are familiar with Greyhat’s previous work and want something new, “BRB” serves as a brand new sound. A much lighter song that strays from the continuous complexity that Greyhat expertly navigates. Rather, BRB may be best categorized as experimental lofi, although even that comparison may not do it justice.

I Get To Sleep Now

One of Greyhat’s early works, “I Get To Sleep Now,” is perhaps his strongest uses of complex sound design. From the masterful layering, to the sounds themselves, Greyhat clearly flexes his skills within this single to create a sound that leaves an immediate impression.

Listen to Tens in its entirety below!

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