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G-Rex's Requiem EP is Wakaan's Heaviest Release So Far [Listen]

Wakaan‘s very own G-Rex just released his Requiem Ep, and boy is it heavy. During Wakaan’s recent takeover at the BUKU Music & Art Project, an artist we knew slightly less on the maniac roster ended up being one of the most insane of the evening.

G-Rex followed up second in the mix of artists that night, and the crowd reactions to his downright terrifying unreleased tracks ranged from full-body headbanging to delighted, startled laughter. He was playing with the fury of Excision coupled with the mind-boggling sound design the Wakaan label is known for.

Thankfully, a few of those searing tracks have made their way on today’s Requiem EP.

Ladi” goes directly for the jugular right off the bat, featuring the same evil witch cackle made famous on G-Rex’s viral collab with PeekabooBabatunde. The single builds to a crescendo with a taunting “ladi dadi dah” lyric before nosediving into a white-hot storm that could peel paint off walls. This drop, punctuated by braying horse samples and cocked pistols, is one of the finer creations in bass music this year, highly original and atmospheric.

Asylum” drives the dark aesthetic deeper still, replete with eerie percussion, wallowing low-end, and that damn horse neigh giving us goosebumps again. Perhaps unlike any artist besides Figure, this is alarming, effective horror movie material rewritten for the dance floor.

On “Voodoo,” G-Rex crafts a spine-chilling pulse of a bassline with STUCA, who has been a Soundcloud favorite of ours for his goliath trap remixes of Future, QUIX, and others. This track, in particular, excels in keeping the attack thick and direct while cutting the sound out to let a sample really echo before launching back into the thundering motif. It’s deftly designed and straight-up evil.

Warning” is a low-end behemoth fit to close this ridiculously fierce EP. The sub-rattling wail sounds like a factory alarm siren-like someone is running for their lives. The beat gives way to a sludgy, floor-clearing lurch that’s perfected by G-Rex and Peekaboo in their sound design.

If you were unaware of G-Rex, as we were before he kicked our legs out from beneath us at that BUKU afterparty, now’s the time to pay attention. One of the most devilish producers on Wakaan has produced a razor-sharp, cold-blooded EP that’s damn near untouchable.

Featured Image: Tessa Paison

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