Arizona's Arboreal Release Captivating, Nature-Inspired Track with Aspire Higher, "Petrichor"
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Arizona’s Arboreal Release Captivating, Nature-Inspired Track with Aspire Higher, “Petrichor”


Sometimes, the most incredible music can come from lesser-known acts. Such is the case with Arboreal, an up-and-coming bass project out of Arizona that debuted at the end of 2022.

Consisting of two members–Andrew Azarsa and Tyler Bennet–Arboreal has already managed to secure opening slots under notable artists like Tripp St., Ravenscoon, Molokai, Deathpact, and more. They’ve also played sets at festivals like Unison and they’ll be performing at the iconic Gem & Jam in February.

“We are Arizona-based producers who focus on creating and capturing moments for our listeners. We want to make people feel the way we do when we listen to our favorite artists and/or see them live.”


The southwest duo just released a new track, “Petrichor,” that perfectly captures what it feels like to walk in the woods on a rainy, misty day. Reminiscent of CharlestheFirst and Of The Trees, this track expands on their slowly growing catalog of organic, natural sounds.

“We are constantly inspired by nature–our sound comes from a drive to blend naturally occuring sonics with bass music. We are heavily influenced by artists like CharlestheFirst, CloZee, Chmura, Mersiv, and countless others. There are so many talented producers releasing music right now that we are constantly finding inspiration to experiment and write new material.”


Released by Aspire Higher, the same collective who brought you Submersion Festival, the track is the next edition in the Philly label’s ‘Tune Tuesday’ series. According to founder Ryan Karolyi, “Petrichor” is exactly what they look for in a release.

“Production was super proper and the song really presents a visceral feel to it. A real bass-driven, but creeping or hovering energy we love in artists like Chmura and CharlestheFirst. The track resonates with the label very well because we are always on the hunt for artists who can take inspiration and make it new.”

Aspire Higher

Keep up with everything Arboreal and Aspire Higher have going on in the links below. We have no doubts it will be a busy year for both of them.

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