Unveiling 'Shadow Box': TYGRIS' Evolution in Drum & Bass

Unveiling ‘Shadow Box’: TYGRIS’ Evolution in Drum & Bass


TYGRIS’ latest EP, “Shadow Box,” released on April 30th, 2024, by The Rust Music from Brooklyn, marks a significant evolution in his musical journey.


This release showcases TYGRIS’ growth as an artist, delving into intricate sound design and innovative production techniques. “Shadow Box” encapsulates TYGRIS’ nuanced rendition of drum & bass, particularly emphasizing the “Liquid D&B” sub-genre with a little PHILLY flare. The EP features dynamic basslines, ethereal melodies, and captivating drum breaks, evoking a spectrum of emotions from fleeting sentiments to nostalgic reveries. Each track is meticulously crafted to provide an immersive listening experience that deeply resonates with its audience.

Alongside this latest release, Zach Plocic AKA TYGRIS, has continued to make waves in the music scene. In 2019, his debut EP “Fabric” established him as a notable figure among halftime and bass music producers, with his innovative sound design and turntablism quickly gaining widespread acclaim. 


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This year, TYGRIS has performed with Seppa under the Soundz Organic banner in Providence, Rhode Island, and showcased his tracks with K.L.O and Danny Grooves in St. Pete, Florida, further cementing his status as a leading force in experimental bass music.

Opening the EP is the track “Stay,” setting an enchanting tone with its guitar-rich mix and extensive vocal echoes. It creates a dreamy drum & bass ambiance, reminiscent of simpler times yet avant-garde in style. Seamlessly blending a multitude of elements in EDM, the track is driven by robust percussion and layered vocals, laying the groundwork for the EP’s overarching themes of emotional intensity and musical complexity.

“Niteowl,” the second track, leads listeners on a mellower journey with its serene jungle-inspired rhythms. It feels like gliding through a current, with a three-note melody weaving through the composition like a silken ribbon, providing continuity and fluidity. The addition of spoken elements adds depth to the melody, crafting an intricate soundscape that is both immersive and thought-provoking.

Continuing with “Docile,” the EP ventures into a playful yet profound exploration, combining otherworldly synth-like sounds with a vibrant tempo. Evoking a sense of safety and curiosity, the track offers a voyage through metaphorical abandoned structures, driven by energetic cymbals that create a dazzling interplay of light and color. 

The final track, “Shadows,” features wistful voices and percussion that evoke rich hues of green and gold. Its light and airy feel provides a fitting and poignant conclusion to the EP. “Shadow Box” is an electrifying addition to TYGRIS’ discography, showcasing his true talents and versatility as a producer.


Zach’s musical journey continues to flourish with his recent announcement of a shared residency at Universal Emotion’s Verge event series in Philly. Keep up with everything this rising star has got going on in the links below.

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