Space Jesus Goes Live on Instagram Following Sexual Assault Allegations

3 days ago, bass producer Space Jesus was accused of several sexual misconduct incidents that have happened over the span of two-three years. Multiple women have come forward to share their stories via Twitter and Instagram, including through an Instagram page created to share the stories of the alleged victims.

In two separate statements posted on social media, Space Jesus addressed two accusations directly: one from an ex-girlfriend, per Space Jesus, and another from a woman who was only 17 years old during their alleged relationship. He maintains his innocence throughout both statements, saying he did not engage in anything non-consensual or illegal.

One of Space Jesus’ statements includes a Dropbox link with his versions of the story and another with a folder filled with screenshots and audio recordings.

Today, Space Jesus hosted a 20-minute “AMA” on his Instagram Live. About 3.5k people tuned in through the duration of the video. If you missed it, our friends over at Your EDM screen-recorded thing, below:

This is not the first time Space Jesus has been accused of misconduct. In 2018, he was accused of alleged sexual assault from a woman named Dia, which came to light around the same time as Datsik’s allegations.

Since then, a handful of artists and labels that have previously shown support for Space Jesus have spoken out, including Liquid Stranger and his Wakaan label.

We will keep you posted as this story develops further.

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