Datsik Issues Public Statement Over Prolonged Absence [WATCH]
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Datsik Issues Public Statement Over Prolonged Absence [WATCH]

After an 18 month self-imposed hiatus, Troy Datsik has issued a public statement explaining his absence. After extensive touring over the last decade, Datsik sought out mental health treatment after a media firestorm that put an abrupt halt to his career. The “bad press” surfaced after multiple women came forth alleging the DJ/producer sexually assaulted them.

Right away, Datsik canceled his 2018 tour and pulled himself out of all festival appearances in order to reflect and look inward. At the same time, promotion companies were already dropping him from their events while his collaborators were beginning to distance themselves. The popular consensus was that Datsik’s career was over.

“The anxiety and depression that I have carried with me since childhood got amplified as the touring went on and what seemed like a quick solution was actually a prescription for a major downfall….,” says Datsik in his video statement. “It was a very slippery slope, and now I see that when I think back to it all.”

Now it seems as though that Datsik is making his rumored comeback in a scripted public statement made to his fans. The ethos of the video has obvious traces of PR strategy written all over it, but there are moments of heartfelt reflection and a deep sense of regret for his actions.

In the end, when I lost everything I cared about, I really hit rock bottom,” Datsik explains.

Datsik then issues the following apology:

“I apologize for my poor behavior and the reckless lifestyle that ended up having a detrimental effect on my relationships. It’s a lifestyle I’m no longer practicing,” Datsik says, “and one that I’ve worked very hard to overcome.”

In the following statement, Datsik discusses his tarnished past, the past few years undergoing major soul searching and therapy, and his plans for moving forward.

Watch Datsik’s statement below.


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