Sound Haven Continues to Push The Underground Forward With Insane Phase One Lineup, Sound Upgrades, and No Conflicts [Event Preview]

Sound Haven Continues to Push The Underground Forward With Insane Phase One Lineup, Sound Upgrades, and No Conflicts [Event Preview]

The festival market has become oversaturated over the last few years. Due to recycled lineups, cancellations, and just straight-up bad logistics, several festival-goers have grown weary and more eager for consistency and a community-driven event. An “old reliable,” if you will. Sound Haven hits that nail on the head year after year.

Ever since its inception in 2018, Sound Haven has repeatedly proven to be a festival by the community, for the community. They keep the people in mind and push the underground forward in more ways than most. Known for providing top-notch sound and booking some of the best bass producers that the underground has to offer, it makes complete sense that everyone from sound system aficionados to first-timers are flocking to Jaceland to experience the magic.

After their big return to Jaceland (Whitwell, TN) in 2023, we had only hoped to hear that they would be back yet again for 2024. That hope manifested into a reality when we were blessed with the announcement of Sound Haven’s sixth installment back at Jaceland set for 2024.

Initially set for the same weekend as Secret Dreams Festival, Sound Haven heard the community’s complaints about the conflict and acted promptly. Switching the dates to August 1-4 2024 ensured fans of both events wouldn’t have to miss out, which had shown once again what they’re all about. Community.

We’re excited to be taking Sound Haven to the next level this year by upgrading our logistics and production. Each year, Sound Haven has grown and improved. We feel confident that 2024 will be our best year yet.

  • Jered Ardry, Sound Haven Founder

Lineup (Phase One)

A lineup like this is hard to come by, especially only at phase one. On the very top of the bill is Of The Trees, with a well-deserved headlining slot, followed by the likes of some of your favorite artists’, favorite artists. Daily Bread– one of CO’s hometown heroes and a soulful fan favorite, EPROM (vault set)- a legend in his own right, the veteran producer plans to rinse tons of unreleased music with his alternate “vault” set, and Mickman– a staple in the glitch-hop community and one incredibly fluid live performer.

The rest of the lineup covers a good amount of ground. Low-end junkies can get their fix from the likes of Criso, Torcha, Pushloop, Hypho, Chef Boyarbeatz, Chief Kaya, and Distinct Motive. Drum and bass heads can look forward to names like Hyroglifics and Monty. Glitch-hop and halftime fans are sure to be pleased as well with sets from artists that include, Resonant Language, Humandala, Crawdad Sniper, and Kursa b2b COPYCATT. Even wave fans get to scratch their itch again this year with barnacle boi and Skeler.

It doesn’t stop there though. The phase one lineup also includes some of dubsteps OGs like The Widdler and Joker who have both paved the way for many artists on this year’s and past years’ lineups. That said, I think it’s safe to say that phase one is already more than enough reason to send it back to Jaceland.

The best part? No set conflicts or sound bleed.

Sound Haven combines old school dubstep styles with newer styles of bass music from some of the best artists of our generation, presented on massive sound systems. This makes for an incredible weekend for any bass music fan.

  • Jered Ardry, Sound Haven Founder

Sound You Can Feel

Sound Haven is known for bringing the big guns when it comes to sound systems. This year we get to experience the Funktion-One Vero stacks, the massive Element 5 system, and the bass punch of Hennessey Sound Design.

The Funktion-One Vero system is being warmly welcomed back into Jaceland’s natural amphitheater at the main stage allowing for ideal sound in a natural environment.  The Funktion-One Vero system pairs sonic performance and ease of use together for a brand-new experience. Its array format was designed for the needs of modern touring environments while maintaining its audio quality and efficiency. Expect to hear crisp and clear mids and highs with just the right amount of low-end.

PC: Sacred Hive

The Element 5 system being deployed once again at Sound Haven is the only of its kind in the US and is an absolute unit. Standing in front of it last year was like being in front of an industrial fan the way sound was propelling straight into you. The Element 5 system is said to shine best outdoors in open spaces where sound is not bouncing off of structures. Jaceland is perfect for such an occasion. With such an impressive range, almost any genre is bound to sound primo on this rig.

PC: Hennessey Sound Design

Hennessey Sound Design is the third and newest addition to the sound system lineup since last year. Catered towards the bass music culture specifically, HSD puts out quality-built systems with no shortcuts. Utilizing dado construction and high strength polyurethane adhesives to build their speaker cabinets leaves a sturdy and reliable base to house only the highest quality of drivers. Before reaching a dancefloor near you, every system goes through thorough testing to make sure it’s up to par and tickling the brain properly.



Sound Haven’s longest host and home is truly one of a kind. Nestled down a long dirt road in Whitwell TN lies Jaceland. A small and intimate venue a bit far from our modern civilization. The perfect location for an event of this caliber. Staying true to the underground feel, the size of the venue itself keeps attendance at a specific capacity which keeps the homie-fest feel going strong. Being out in the middle of nowhere also means no sound ordinance.

That’s right- music all night at full volume on some of the best sound systems to exist. A lot of this music will be heard at the mainstage, located at Jaceland’s natural amphitheater (next to the lake!) which only amplifies the magic of this venue. The campgrounds are a stone’s throw away so you won’t be too late any sets.


Last year the UFO Stage (main) held nothing back in terms of production, and they certainly didn’t hold out on the Planetary Stage either. Both boasted full visual production including a stacked VJ lineup for each stage, strobes, and lasers. This year we can only imagine what’s in store for us.

The sixth year of Sound Haven is already shaping up to be one of the best festivals of the year. Tier 4 tickets are still available, so grab them while you can! Keep up with River Beats Dance for more updates, information, and anything else related to Sound Haven 2024.

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