Charm City's Sol Good Showcases Expanded Sound with Latest LP, 'Future Antiques'

Charm City’s Sol Good Showcases Expanded Sound with Latest LP, ‘Future Antiques’

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When it comes to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia electronic scene, there is one name constantly swirling the ethers of low-end specialties and frequency-scattering madness, and that’s Baltimore’s Sol Good. While those based near Charm City have the privilege of seeing Sol Good lay down his gauntlet on a regular basis, the rising bass talent has begun serving more spoonfuls of his immaculate style across the country.

Locally, Sol Good has supported LSDream at Echostage (DC), Koan Sound and Kursa at Karma (DC), and played a banger of a New Year’s Eve shindig at a warehouse in Baltimore. And that’s just in the last 6 months.

In the next 6 months, Solon Bowden, AKA Sol Good, intends on showing off his sonic prowess to several crowds across the country at festivals including Fam Fest and Sound Haven. But at the moment, the burgeoning prowess is riding the wave of his latest release, a seven-piece LP titled Future Antiques.

The body of work dips and dives through left-field and neuro bass, using elements taken from a wide range of electronica to create something truly unique. While the entire body of work delivers, it’s “Swonk” that shines the brightest.

Using a shadowed, 140 hybrid style along with some frantic percussions, he creates a soundscape that gets a hole punched right through it with the marbled fat of the bass line really starting to permeate about halfway through. It’s a track that builds, and the fact that he used the intro to Led Zeppelin’s “When The Levee Breaks” as his outro, just goes to show how bold Sol Good really is.

As an ode to the LP title, Bowden uses inspiration both new and old in a way that captures his musical growth.

“The oldest song on it is a little over a year old and the youngest is from a few months ago, so I’ve been working on it for about a year. My intention was to showcase another year of musical growth. I’ve been putting out one album a year, among other releases, for the last couple of years on my birthday. This will be the third.”

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In a recent conversation with Bowden, I got to examine the many different elements that make up his elaborate routine – both on the live stage and in the studio. For him, finishing an album is based strictly on feel. If he can go through the entire body of work without any parts falling below his strict level of acceptance, then it will be on its way to the airwaves.

As a fellow participant in the potency that is the East Coast electronic scene, we both rejoiced in the fact that our immediate area is so flush with talent.

“I think we have an amazing scene in DC/Maryland. Virginia too with Richmond being so close. The scene here ebbs and flows like they all do, especially post-pandemic, but there’s always a ton of great music and fans around, and we have what I consider to be the best-sounding venue in the country with Flash in DC.” 

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Sol Good Performs at Autumn Revival

While the Future Antiques LP presents a massive milestone for Bowden, he has no intentions of sitting still. The next evolution of the Sol Good project, as he states, includes working on new techniques including a live performance element and potentially bringing on some custom visuals.

“I’m exploring some new styles and refocusing on learning new techniques, and I’m also hoping to add in a live performance element to some shows soon. But a big goal of mine right now is to find a visual artist to work with to do some custom video content for shows.”

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While there are no exact plans for said evolutions at the moment, we have no doubt that Sol Good will find success in any creative expansion he pursues. Stay peeled to his channels below to keep up with everything he’s got going on.

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