Denver Trip-Hop Duo Since JulEYE Concocts Brassy, Boom Bap Banger (Listen)
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Denver Trip-Hop Duo Since JulEYE Concocts Brassy, Boom Bap Banger (Listen)

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With copious amounts of funk, Since JulEYE arrives with a new single ahead of their forthcoming LP. As the album’s lead single, “On The Scene” includes everything we love about the Denver trip-hop duo – headbobbing boom bap, playful keyboards, and crispy melodies throughout. 

eric benny bloomHowever, listeners will notice an additional element in the mix. Those entrancing trumpet licks that you hear are coming from the horn of Eric “Benny” Bloom, the trumpeter for Boston-formed jam band Lettuce. Benny, who isn’t normally a part of the duo, was asked to provide some buoyant, brass-filled harmonies to the track.

Originally starting as a solo project by DJ/producer Lev Averbakh, Since JulEYE has evolved a lot in its three-year lifespan. Now including long-time collaborator and veteran keyboardist Todd Stoops from bands like RAQ and Kung Fu, Since JulEYE’s production efforts are as potent as ever.

“‘On The Scene is the first song Todd and I started making together. It has evolved quite a bit since its inception, with Benny Bloom tying it all together. We can’t think of a better way to introduce our debut album.”

  • Lev Averbakh (of Since JulEYE)

Since JulEYE

With performances at festivals like Summer Camp, Gem & Jam, Colorfield, and Wavespell, you can tell why the flavors present in songs like “On The Scene” are so admired across electronic and jam-oriented music spectrums. To take things a step further down the rabbit hole, SinceJulEYE tapped multimedia designer Lightbrush to create a psychedelic music video with Microdose VR.

Keep an eye out for the rest of Since JulEYE’s debut LP, The Dawn of Since, coming out soon.

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