Lofi Hip-Hop Aficionado rsrch chmcls Returns With Beat-Infused EP, 'Rejuvenate'

Lofi Hip-Hop Aficionado rsrch chmcls Returns With Beat-Infused EP, ‘Rejuvenate’

rsrch chmcls

In this era of dance music, it is not uncommon for artists to have multiple projects that they release music on. More and more producers are making side projects these days so they can show off their broad range of sounds without altering the identity of their main project. One of these producers is Ethan Uellendahl from Brooklyn, New York. Many of us know Uellendahl as the experimental bass producer, Smokestax, but he is also the brain behind the lofi soaked headnod project titled rsrch chmcls.

Ethan started releasing music under rsrch chmcls around 6 years ago. He created this project with the hope to create music that people can listen to anytime, anywhere. In the last few years, he has found a sound that encapsulates the motifs of this project perfectly.

The Brooklyn-based artist has released on a few different labels such as The Gradient Perspective, Aspire Higher, and the all:Lo collective. His most recent body of work is a 2 song EP titled Rejuvenate released on Soundz OrGanic, and it is just as fresh as you would expect.

Track Analysis

The title track of the EP, “Rejuvenate” has the soothing, relaxing sound that fans of rsrch chmcls have come to know and love. This song can be listened to anytime, anywhere, it doesn’t matter if you’re studying or at a party, this song will set the mood perfectly. It starts out with a glossy layer of chilled out beats until the drop takes you on a ride of smooth, jazz inspired hip-hop. The entire track is an ethereal sonic journey that is guaranteed to make you bob your head.

In the next track, “Next Number,” rsrch chmcls gives us another delicately crafted song that underscores the motifs of the project perfectly. This one is sure to calm you down after a stressful day. The use of the drums and sample fit perfectly together to create a relaxing, melodic aesthetic that will make you run it back over and over.

The last few years seem like they are just the beginning of an amazing journey for Ethan and the rsrch chmcls project. He has really hit his stride with recent releases and was even selected for a set at The Rendezvous music festival at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park after winning the headnod mix content.

The music that rsrch chmcls has been making is improving with each release and he is really fulfilling his goal of creating music that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Make sure to check out his SoundCloud and other socials for news on his next releases and upcoming bookings.

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