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Pretty Lights Makes Surprise Virtual Appearance at Revibe Wellness Retreat [Watch]

There have been rumors floating around all-day about a special guest, aka Pretty Lights, dropping in at The Revibe Wellness Retreat in South Carolina. 

First, it started with Borahm Lee of Break Science and Pretty Lights Live sharing video clips of PL watching or virtually being apart of Break Science set at Revibe. 

And now we are confirming that during Break Science’s set at Revibe, Derek was indeed part of the virtual visual production. Several videos show PL interacting with the crowd, and just wishing everyone a great time. While there was no live music interaction with fans, Pretty Lights did leave a big hint for more to come soon, saying “We got a whole community and family making music together. My heart is full. Make a round of applause Revibe, we’re gonna see you again soon” 

Watch the appearances below. This article is being updated as more media is available! 

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