Break Science Combines Gritty Street Vibes & Emotional Melodies On 'Fadeaway' [Listen]

One of our favorite duos, Break Science, is back with a brand new single titled “Fadeaway” featuring fresh lyrical rapper Bishop Nehru and powerful vocalist Rhia.

The prominent single sees hip-hop drummer extraordinaire, Adam Deitch (Lettuce) and keyboardist Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights Live Band) dive into the vast abyss of hip-hop beats and psychedelic synth soundscapes, while still holding true to the old-school, East Coast hip-hop meets futuristic sound waves style they’ve become known for.


“Fadeaway evokes a duality of emotions between ethereal beauty and the grittiness of the street. Guest vocalist Rhia and New York MC Bishop Nehru add distinct flavors to this musical refreshment.” – Adam Deitch

The Break Science boys have over a decade of music prowess under their belts, with veterans Lee and Deitch leading from the front in terms of innovation. Deitch’s live drumming and Lee’s real-time performance behind the synthesizer and keyboard have made Break Science a staple in dance music’s growth.

Break Science and River Beats recently teamed up for a live “Stay In The House Mix.” Dive into the 35-minute special mix below, and stay tuned for more updates from Break Science soon.  

Featured Image: Milo Lee

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