Foreign Family's Rising Star Pluko Unveils His Dreamy Debut Album 'sixteen' [Listen]
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Foreign Family’s Rising Star Pluko Unveils His Dreamy Debut Album “sixteen” [Listen]

Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m pretty biased when it comes to anything Foreign Family Collective. What can I say; that’s the sound I love. 

My roots are tied down with ODESZA, and the music they make. That’s why I appreciate it when they sign new talent like Pluko. Pluko has been on my radar since the first day I listened to him. He, like most artists in FFC, make music that bring a sense of nostalgia.

His debut album, out today, is no different. sixteen is filled with nostalgic, yet dreamy vibes throughout the 12 singles. He mixes in that indie-electronic sound with a new wave of synths, a sound that’s developed heavily over the past few years.

Give sixteen a listen below:

In a very cool marketing plan, Pluko played through the entire album via live-stream on his Youtube page yesterday. The video featured visuals showing a winding one-lane highway down some backroads and countrysides.

Labeled as the “paths that paved sixteen,” the visual component of this album is just as unique as the music itself.

If you listen to one album this week, please make sure it’s sixteen. The 12-track LP features already released singles “pink.,” “need ya,” “l o v e,” and “asleep,” as well as eight brand new singles.

Long story short, we love it.

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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