One of Foreign Family's Newest Member Releases Last Single Before Debut Album [Listen]
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One of Foreign Family’s Newest Member Releases Last Single Before Debut Album [Listen]

Since its creation, ODESZA’s Foreign Family label has been one of the top tastemakers in dance music year after year. 

With a full roster of talents such as Jai Wolf, Golden Features, Kasbo, Big Wild, and Rufus Du Sol, you take notice when one of their newest members begins to stand out and make waves.

Pluko has been everywhere since joining Foreign Family in early 2018. And now, the producer is set to release his debut album, Sixteen, on August 17th.

But before that happens, Pluko just released his 4th and final single, “Love,” from the forthcoming album.

Why do we like it?!

“Love” is so Foreign Family. The vibes scream a combination of Jai Wolf, Big Wild, and ODESZA. Pluko knows how to appeal to his fan base, delivering a dark but slow indie jam that invites you in. The song brings a sense of nostalgia, while still being up to date on production and quality.

Stream “Love” below, and get ready for Pluko’s debut album on August 17th!

Photo: Artist Facebook Page 

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