ODESZA'S Foreign Family Unveils Brand New Single 'WestWorld' from their First Female Artist

ODESZA’S Foreign Family Unveils Brand New Single ‘WestWorld’ from their First Female Artist

Ever since their explosion onto the music world in late 2012, ODESZA has steadily built one of the best independent labels in the music world: Foreign Family collective. 

Some household names like Jai Wolf, Big Wild, and Kasbo call Foreign Family their home. And while ODESZA grew tremendously over the past few years, Foreign Family hasn’t been too far behind them.

From Jai Wolf’s stunning “Indian Summer” to Chet Porter’s “Stay,” the label has a knack for finding and nurturing young talent in the electronic world.

And today proves no different. For the first time in their history, Foreign Family is welcoming a female presence to their roster. Singer/songwriter Evan GIIA’s single “WestWorld” is a beautiful song, that features the same cinematic vibes we have come to love from the Foreign Family crew.


Why do we like it?!

GIIA’s sound is just right for Foreign Family. It’s a sound that is somewhat indistinguishable in nature, one that you can feel in your bones. It has a tendency to invoke nostalgia while listening, a trait ODESZA are known for themselves.

“WestWorld” gradually picks up in pace and style as it plays on and on, something we absolutely love. Accompanied by a carefully choreographed music video set in the plains of Colorado, this is a song that can easily catapult GIIA into stardom in 2018.

Give the video a watch below, and let us know what you think!


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