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ODESZA Chats About Reinventing Their Sound & Potential Tame Impala Collab in New Interview

ODESZA just wrapped up a stellar performance at Lollapalooza in chicago, and continued that steam into San Francisco for Outside Lands this past weekend. 

Before their performance, they caught up with local on-air personality Dallas Osborn at San Francisco’s ALT 105.3 to discuss a plethora of music topics.

A few moments stood out hard for us during the interview. ODESZA is politicking hard for a possible collab with Kevin Parker of Tame Impala.  And their reason being? They are ready to “reinvent” their sound. Not necessarily creating a new album, but rather taking “time without a goal in mind & just try new music.” You can read what Clay, 1/2 of ODESZA, has to say in the full quote below.

“We’ve been thinking about new music. Not really a record. We’re kind of ready to reinvent ourselves again. Take time without a goal in mind & just try new music. The best stuff we’ve ever made was us just goofing around in a basement when we first met. We want to get back to that place, without pressure, and try to find sounds we really enjoy.” – Clay

For myself, I consider this to be somewhat refreshing to hear from such a huge duo. “A Moment Apart” was a massive success for the group, so to get back to making quality remixes, and some cool unexpected collabs would be welcome in my world. And honestly, I think most other ODESZA fans would say the same.

The group chatted about the festival bubble bursting, working with Leon Bridges, and much more. You can read the full ODESZA interview here.

Image by Julian Bajsel.

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