ODESZA Releases Their Most Ambitious Album Yet: 'A Moment Apart' [Listen Now]

ODESZA Releases Their Most Ambitious Album Yet: ‘A Moment Apart’ [Listen Now]

If there has been one artist constantly supported by river beats, it has been Indie-Electronic Group ODESZA. The group is having a tremendous 2017, winning over fans with consistently sold-out live shows, new music, and a brand-new album, their first since 2015.

ODESZA’s rise to fame within the indie electronic scene is a testament to their ability to create such cinematic and moving music. In just 5 years, the group created an extremely large and loyal fan base. A Moment Apart is the culmination of their hard work and success. The duo calls this their most ambitious piece of work yet.

“Our first album was about discovering our sound,” Mills says. “The second one was us trying to do something new with it and becoming more songwriters than instrumentalists, and this one was understanding what we do and trying to push it.”

River Beats broke the news in the electronic music spectrum that the album, A Moment Apart, would release on September 9th. The LP features 16 songs, including the 5 singles released over the past 4 months.

A Moment Apart showcases some impressive guest features by artists like Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor, WYNNE, and Naomi Wild.

The album, which is available via Counter Records, is almost three years in the making. The ‘A Moment Apart’ world tour began last week, and is set to last until the end of 2017.

You can listen to the full album and view all the tour dates below!

Featured Image: Julian Bajsel

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