PLSMA Gets Buck In Brave New Crime Mob Remix - River Beats Dance
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PLSMA Gets Buck In Brave New Crime Mob Remix

plsma knuck if you buck remix

When you remix a classic, you take on a lot of responsibility. In order to hit your mark, you need to retain enough of the elements from the original track while adding an original and unique flair that makes it sound new and reinvented. So when PLSMA laid his hands on Crime Mob’s 2004 classic, “Knuck If You Buck,” he had his work cut out for him.

Luckily, PLSMA made sure to dot his i’s and cross his t’s in his reimagination of the chart-topping track. Looping the legendary chorus alongside a boisterous bass line the Tampa-based DJ and producer creates a magnificent harmony that will make you want to break your neck. 

The release is his first of 2022 in what is sure to be a long year of heavy-hitting tracks and crushing live sets. Catch PLSMA and hopefully a slice of this insane remix at Sunset Music Festival and a barrage of venues across the country later this year.

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