PLSMA & Blurrd Vzn Dive Deep On Goosebump-Inducing Track, 'TINT' [Listen] - River Beats Dance

PLSMA & Blurrd Vzn Dive Deep On Goosebump-Inducing Track, ‘TINT’ [Listen]

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On the heels of Halloween weekend, PLSMA and Blurrd Vzn have combined to bring you a track that’s going to drive a stake into your holiday playlists. Making its way onto Wubaholics’ second edition of A Nightmare On Wub Street, “TINT,” offers every kind of element you look for in a gritty, trap-ridden, bass song.

Mysterious, almost fog-like builds, energetic peaks, and just enough of those eerie vibes for it to feel festive without making it seem like it belongs on a Monster Mash CD. The fact that “TINT” found a home on Wubaholics’ highly-acclaimed Halloween compilation makes perfect sense as it fits right in with the rest of their high-tier, hand-picked selections.

The song marks the first time PLSMA and Blurrd Vzn have officially released something together, but considering the fireworks they sparked on this track it may not be the last. After examining their discographies, fans may think it was a collaboration waiting to happen. PLSMA’s hip-hop roots are well felt throughout the song with a Mike Jones sample bouncing playfully off a zesty bass-line that echos Blurrd Vzn’s Spicy Bois’ roots. The track goes on to close just as it began – in a spectral cloud that leaves listeners wanting more. 

And if more is what you want, you’ll have to grab tickets for EDC Orlando where PLSMA will be performing in one of his biggest sets to date. Fans can rest assured that his November 12th performance will include this most recent release along with plenty of other tracks that are guaranteed to shake things up.

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