ODESZA Announces Final Show for 'A Moment Apart' Tour with New Music on the Way

ODESZA Announces Final Show for 'A Moment Apart' Tour with New Music on the Way

ODESZA has dominated the airwaves over the past week. Their first ever curated festival, Sundara Fest, just wrapped up this past weekend. Amidst he end of Sundara is some massive changes to their live show moving into the future.

Yesterday, the group published a video titled “The Finale” featuring scenes and visuals from the last two years of their “A Moment Apart” tour. While fans were, at first, taken aback by the sudden announcement, it became clear that this means “A Moment Apart” is coming to a close and new music is on the way.

The news was confirmed today when the group announced that the tour, along with every aspect of the production ends this July 27th at the Los Angeles Historic State Park.

View the announcement below:

Like all great things, there must be an end somewhere along the line. “A Moment Apart” was a colossal success for the group, vaulting them into the mainstream and cementing their names amongst not only dance music greatness but mainstream music.

River Beats has been with the group every step of the way. We announced the new album in April 2017, interviewed them last October, and followed them from Red Rocks, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and finally: Sundara Fest.

Last year we chatted with the group about what comes next after “A Moment Apart” and both Clayton and Harrison declared they’re excited to get back into the studio and work on new music for fans.

“I think we’re going to return to the sounds we created in Summer’s Gone, a more instrumental way of approaching tracks. Maybe even a little bit weirder, pushing elements that we really haven’t pushed. Both AMA and In Return had tons of vocals, and I think we want to pull back on that and kind of experiment with music we’ve been thinking about for a long time. We want to build something new and unique, but still us. We want to remember what it was like to write without any expectations. We think it’s time to get back to that mindset.” – Clayton Knight 

We’re excited about the direction the group is taking, and where their music will be headed over the next year. This is not the end, but just the growth of an artist redefining the lines between electronic & live music.

Featured image by Julian Bajsel. 

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