ODESZA Sells Out the Staples Center in One of Their Biggest Shows Yet [Full Set-List]
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ODESZA Sells Out the Staples Center in One of Their Biggest Shows Yet [Full Set-List]

From small venues in 2012, to selling out back to back nights at the famous Red Rocks, to conquering the Staples Center, ODESZA’s journey has come full circle. 

With a brand new show debuting their newest album A Moment Apart, the Seattle super-duo conquered only what some musicians can only dream of: a sold out Staples Center show in one of the biggest cities in the world. 

The group announced early this week that their North American tour would offer fans a brand new show. Feauturing new visuals, new live edits, and a new arrangement, the show certainly did not disappoint. 

Missing is some favorites most ODESZA fans will have a hard time parting with. IPlayYouListen, My Friends Never Die, Big Girls Cry – SIA (ODESZA remix), Today, Faded – ZHU (ODESZA remix) and Kusanagi did not make an appearance. These songs were replaced with Show Me, Thin Ceilings and Tall Floors, Across the Room, and Falls.

Known for making live edits of already existing songs, the group mashed up several new hits while introducing new edits of already existing favorites.

Check out the full list below!

1.) Intro –> A Moment Apart
2.) Bloom (live drumline) 
3.) White Lies (edit) Mashed w/ I Want You 

4.) All We Need
5.) Show Me
6.) Say My Name (NEW live edit)
7.) Beat connection – Saola (ODESZA remix)
8.) Late night
9.) Pretty Lights – One Day They’ll Know (ODESZA remix) (NEW live edit w/ drumline)

10.) Ki Theory – Open Wound (ODESZA remix) 
11.) Boy
12.) Thin Ceiling and Tall Floors (Very brief)
13.) Higher ground (Live)
14.) La Ciudad
15.) Divide
16.) Porter Robinson – Divinity (ODESZA remix)
17.) Line of Sight (Live)
18.) Meridian
19.) Memories That You Call (Live edit)
20.) Keep Her Close
21.) If There’s Time
22.) Intro (Summer’s Gone)
23.) How Did I Get Here – Mashed w/ Above The Middle

24.) Across The Room
25.) Loyal aka Bronko aka Make Me Feel Better –> a NEW live edit 

26.) Falls (NEW live edit) – Mashed w/ Across The Room
27.) Sun Models (live edit)


28.) Corners of The Earth (live)
29.) It’s Only (live edit)

Only time can tell whether this set-list changes as the tour continues. From a fan’s standpoint, it’s refreshing to see their live show evolve into the epic cinematic masterpiece it currently is.

So many songs left to the chopping block, while so many new pieces found their way into this magical set. 


Featured Photo: Julian Bajsel 

📽: Carlene Welch & Kelsey James 

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