Reaching Orbit with Motifv: Releases, Touring, & More [Interview]

Reaching Orbit with Motifv: Releases, Touring, & More [Interview]

Out NOW on all platforms, Motifv completes his orbit on his duo EP release with Behind the Moon! An expansion on his signature sound, the two-part endeavor is an audible storytelling of the journey thus far.

Coming off his largest headlining performance to date at Bluebird Theater, Motifv is releasing the counterpart to his latest EP Where the Sun Sets! Paired with a pre-order vinyl release, listeners can enjoy his latest works in their finest physical format.

Into Orbit

Following the release of the beloved Dilated Mind, Motifv hit the road. He quickly became one to watch, performing at Sonic Bloom, Gem & Jam, eclectic headlining shows, and supporting the likes of Daily Bread, Late Night Radio, and Pretty Lights.

Fast forward to the release of Where the Sun Sets, and what is surely the biggest step yet in Motifv’s budding career. After incredible successes hosting THE DEEP and The Black Box, the historic Bluebird Theater was next in his sights.

As one of the longest-standing venues in Denver, The Bluebird was the perfect atmosphere for the timeless beats and rhythms generated by Motifv and his hand-picked supporting cast.

Combined with the classically designed stage, the team featured a subtle, well-executed lighting rig highlighting the historic atmosphere of the space and allowing the music to stand out.

Behind the Moon

As we delved into the evening, Motfiv presented crowd favorites alongside fresh cuts from Where the Sun Sets and Behind the Moon seamlessly. We also got a glimpse of what is to come, with surprise collaborations from parkbreezy and a guest appearance from Late Night Radio.

The energy in the room was intoxicating, with not a still bone in sight and smiles abound. The impeccable blend of jazz, soul, hip-hop, and electronic fusion carried us late into the evening and left us wanting more.

Luckily, there are clear skies ahead for the Motifv project, with Red Rocks in the near distance! On July 20, he’ll accompany the beloved STS9 for their annual return to Morrison, CO.

Alongside the EP release, Where the Sun Sets and Behind the Moon will be pressed on vinyl for collectors and audiophiles alike. The vinyl pre-order includes a pair of custom Motifv eclipse glasses for the momentous occasion on April 8.

Leading up to The Bluebird we were able to catch up with Motifv and chat about the journey thus far, his latest releases, hitting the road, and more. Check it out below!

RB: You’re coming in fresh off a successful, nationwide tour with Late Night Radio and Parkbreezy. How does your preparation for a multi-night tour run or support set differ from that of a headline show?

Motifv: Shout out to my dudes parkbreezy and Late Night Radio! The PFOD Tour was one I will always remember. To be able to travel and play music to receptive audiences across the country with my good friends was truly special.

When I’m doing a tour like that my sets are definitely a little different than my headline shows. In the tour setting, I’m usually trying to prepare a bunch of different avenues in my set so that I can skip around and try out new songs and transitions from night to night.

For my headline shows, I usually plan things out a little more because I feel like I have the opportunity to really showcase my art and take the audience on a journey. Peaks and valleys and all.

But whether it’s a headline show or an opening slot, I’m always trying to bring the best set of music I can, to showcase who Motifv is to those in the room.  I want people to get a good feel of my sound regardless of where in the lineup I’m playing.

RB: As you’ve grown as an artist over the last few years, is there anything you learned from that initial exposure that helped you get to where you are now?

Motifv: I think the biggest thing that I learned is being authentic to myself. It can be tempting to shift what you are doing in order to better fit into what is currently happening.

But sticking to what I love and believe in has made every win feel that much more rewarding and has helped me build something that I feel extremely aligned with.

RB: Your latest release, Where the Sun Sets, showcases just that – as your signature laid-back style is present throughout while you’ve also created space for some slightly heavier and increasingly more expansive elements to shine. Was that always your plan for this project, or did this further broadening of your sound just happen organically?

Motifv: I think it happened pretty organically. I’ve stayed true to my sound because I think it’s how I express myself the best but at the same time I am always trying to evolve my music.

I don’t think that I’ve known this whole time the exact direction that I would take, but constant growth and evolution has also been in the plan. And as I play more and more shows, I’ve definitely started to make songs that cater to the live setting.

“For me “Where the Sun Sets” is a really nice evolution of my sound while still sounding and feeling like Motifv.”

RB: Out of the artists with whom you’ve collaborated, toured, and/or fostered a relationship, are there any who you feel have had a significant impact on you thus far?

Motifv: Absolutely! I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with a lot of different artists in the scene and made some great friendships in the process.

Shout out my good homie Alex (Late Night Radio). He took me on my first couple tours and taught me a lot about how to make this life into a career. We have also clicked musically and I am constantly being inspired by things he shows me and the music we make together.

Also shout out to my dude parkbreezy. We just did a long tour together and became homies in the process. I’m pretty young for this corner of the scene (26) and it feels great to have friends to grow with that understand a lot of the experiences I’m experiencing.

Also my big bro Pretty Lights has been a constant source of inspiration and a well of knowledge all my life.

“Honestly our whole scene is really dope, everyone looks out for each other. I feel super blessed to be a part of this community.”

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Written by Stephen Mooers & Devin Dees

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